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About Us

The Rotating Machinery and Controls (ROMAC) Industrial Program supports cooperative research efforts conducted by faculty, staff, and students in various departments in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia. The ROMAC Industrial Program emphasizes theoretical and experimental research in general areas of rotordynamics, turbomachinery, structural dynamics, magnetic bearings, the application of automatic controls to the dynamics of rotating machinery, internal incompressible flows, the coupling of internal flows to the dynamics of rotating machinery, fluid film bearings, and seals. The interaction between industry and university professionals through the medium of ROMAC provides the university researchers with an understanding of practical industrial problems with rotating machinery while the industrial participants obtain timely research results.


Our Faculty

Thumbnail of Zongli Lin
Phone: 434-924-6342

Zongli Lin

Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ferman W. Perry Professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science

Research Areas
  • Control Theory and Applications
  • Nonlinear Control
  • Coordinated Control of Multi-agent Systems
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More About Us

Become a ROMAC Member

Consortium members receive timely research results and are granted access to ROMAC design and analysis software, ROTORSOL, which solves the equations of motion in lateral, torsional, and axial directions. ROMAC maintains an extensive report archive and offers  a variety of short courses yearly to both members and non-members. If interested in becoming a ROMAC member, please contact us


ROMAC Lab seeks Research Associate in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

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