Work by 2017 Ph.D. graduate Mimi Zhu and fourth-year candidate Preston Fuks was featured on the cover of a special issue of the Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology dedicated to Bioseparations. Additionally, the publication used a figure submitted by the researchers on the journal cover.

The research, conducted in Professor Giorgio Carta’s Bioseparations Lab as a part of their doctoral dissertations, provides an understanding of protein adsorption of transport in novel chromatographic resins being developed for the purification of biopharmaceutical proteins. It is titled “Protein adsorption in anion exchange resins — effects of polymer grafting, support structure porosity and protein size.”

“Using advanced microscopy tools, Mimi and Preston were able to visualize how proteins partition and diffuse into the chromatographic resins, providing an unparalleled understanding of the relationship between the architecture of the resins and their bioseparation process performance,” Carta said.