Scully Group Updates

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    Congratulations Dr Angela Yu Gerard!

    April 10, 2023

    Congratulations to Dr. Gerard on her successful PhD thesis defense titled "Electrochemical Passivation of Ni-Fe-Cr-Mn-Co Multi-Principal Element Alloy: An Evaluation of the Fate of Alloying Elements During Aqueous Oxidation". Angela's publications can be found here.

    Congratulations Dr Charles-Granville!

    March 01, 2023

    Congratulations to Dr. Utibe-Eno Charles-Granville with her successful PhD thesis defense on "Assessment of Chromate Effects on the Galvanic-Coupling-Induced Localized Corrosion of AA7050-T7451".

    Novel Pourbaix Diagrams for Molten Fluoride Salts for Gen-IV Molten Salt Reactor Applications

    February 24, 2022

    Ph.D. candidate Ho Lun Chan, along with Dr. Elena Romanovskaia, utilized a novel approach to devleop potential-activity diagrams for pure metallic elements of structural alloys (e.g. Cr, Ni) in molten fluoride salts. These molten salts are candidates as the media for nuclear fission and heat transfer, yet can be highly corrosive to metals and alloys in the presence of an oxidant. Their work can provide the research community and industry a rapid, simple approach to identify the stability regions of elements as a function of potential and composition. 

    Publication: Chan, H. L, Romanovskaia, E, Qiu, J., Hoseman, P. Scully, J.R. Insights on the corrosion thermodynamics of Cr in molten fluoride salts. NPJ materials degradation (Accepted 02/2022)

    Method to Rapidly Characterize Reduced Lead Corrosion in Phosphate Inhibited Drinking Water

    February 06, 2019

    Our Alumni R.J. recently studied the effects of lead in drinking water, based on the critical 2014 Flint water crisis. The scientific paper was published in CORROSION, the Journal of Science and Engineering. A video summarizing the article can be seen below.

    scully group members discuss new method, clip thumbnail of Ray Santucci.JPG

    [1] L.K. Nalley, V.N. Rafla, R.J. Santucci Jr., J.R. Scully, Method to Rapidly Characterize Reduced Lead Corrosion in Phosphate Inhibited Drinking Water, CORROSION, 75 (2019) 147-151.