REU Class of 2017-2019

REU Class of 2019

  • Malikah Ajose

    Malikah Ajose

    Virginia Tech (Clinical Neuroscience)

    UVA Mentor: Eli Zunder

  • Maximilian Cobos

    Maximilian Cobos

    Wabash College / Purdue (Mathematics)

    UVA Mentor: Laura Barnes

  • Alejandra Del Castillo

    Alejandra Del Castillo

    GA Tech (BME)

    UVA Mentor: Greg Gerling

  • Alexis Dimanche

    Alexis Dimanche

    Southwestern U. (Physics)

    UVA Mentor: Mete Civelek

  • Joseph Ficarrotta

    Joseph Ficarrotta

    University of Florida (BME)

    UVA Mentor: Silvia Blemker.

  • Paolo Francisco

    Paolo Francisco

    Berry College / GA Tech (Applied Physics)

    UVA Mentor: Jeff Holmes

  • Kasey Freshwater

    Kasey Freshwater

    West Virginia University (BME / Chemistry)

    UVA Mentor: Peter Kasson

  • Garis Grant

    Garis Grant

    Agnes Scott College (Biochemistry)

    UVA Mentor: Kristen Naegle

  • Theresa Rehbein

    Theresa Rehbein

    Montana State University (Chemical Engineering)

    UVA Mentor: Jason Papin

  • Sekou Rowe

    Sekou Rowe

    Howard U. (Chemical Engineering)

    UVA Mentor: Chongzhi Zang

REU Class of 2018

  • Olga Brazhkina

    Olga Brazhkina

    University of Arkansas (Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering)

    In Silico Screens for Potential Modulators of Adverse Remodeling During Infarct Healing. Mentor: Jeffrey Saucerman (BME).

  • Ramon Castellanos-Sanchez

    Ramon Castellanos-Sanchez

    Florida International University (Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering)

    Agent Based Model of Intramuscular Fat Infiltration.  Mentor: Silvia Blemker (BME).

  • Sergio-Steven Cobos

    Sergio-Steven Cobos

    Wabash College (Chemistry)

    Single Virus Fusion Study in Microfluidic Channels. Mentors: Peter Kasson (Molecular Physiol./BME) & Anjali Sengar (Mol. Physiol. & Biophysics).

  • Ashley Eberly

    Ashley Eberly

    University of Alabama (Mathematics)

    Characterizing the Deformation of the Finger Pad in Contact with Compliant Objects. Mentor: Gregory Gerling (SIE).

  • Pierre Fabris

    Pierre Fabris

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering)

    Density Dependent Downsampling of CyTOF data. Mentor: Eli Zunder (BME).

  • Nicholas Garza

    Nicholas Garza

    Johns Hopkins Univeristy (Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering)

    Integrative Analysis of Gene Regulation in Smooth Muscle Cells. Mentors: Mete Civelek (CPHG/BME) & Warren Anderson (CPHG).

  • Ashleigh Hawk

    Ashleigh Hawk

    Emory University / GA Tech (Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering)

    Agent Based Model of Macrophage Contributions to Cardiac Tissue Fibrosis. Mentor: Shayn Peirce-Cottler (BME).

  • Amaris Jalil

    Amaris Jalil

    Shepherd University (Biology)

    Investigating Signaling Pathways that Promote EMT in the Hypoxic Microenvironment of Pancreatic Cancer. Mentor: Matthew Lazzara (ChE/BME).

  • Taylor Lewis

    Taylor Lewis

    University of Massachusetts Amherst (Chemical Engineering)

    Improving Predictions of Single Carbon Source Utilization in a Model of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Mentor: Jason Papin (BME).

  • Gabrielle Muir

    Gabrielle Muir

    Mount Holyoke College (Biochemistry)

    Modeling JNK Pathway Activation During Coxsackievirus B3 Replication in Cardiomyocytes. Mentor: Kevin Janes (BME).

  • Crishon Washington

    Crishon Washington

    Penn State University (Computer Science or Computer Engineering)

    Digital Biomarkers of Mental Health: An image-based approach to detecting loneliness. Mentor: Laura Barnes (SIE).

REU Class of 2017

  • Jacob Alaniz

    Jacob Alaniz

    Wabash College

    Multiscale Modeling of Muscle Atrophy in Astronauts

    Mentored by Silvia Blemker and Shayn Peirce-Cottler, BME




  • Miguel Anaya

    Miguel Anaya

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Agent Based Model: Salmonella Host-Pathogen Interaction

    Mentored by Shayn Peirce-Cottler, BME

  • Tommy Athey

    Tommy Athey

    Johns Hopkins University

    Agent Based Modeling of Cardiac Fibroblasts: Connecting Tissue and Signaling Scales

    Mentored by Jeffrey Holmes, BME

  • Shayna Holness

    Shayna Holness

    Rider University

    Effects of sex on regulation of gene expression in adipose tissue of mice

    Mentored by Mete Civelek, BME/Public Health Genomics

  • Gabi Mostrom

    Gabi Mostrom

    Wichita State University

    Static Measurements and Analysis of the Healthy Levator Muscle in the Soft Palate

    Mentored by Silvia Blemker, BME

  • Cindy Patippe

    Cindy Patippe

    Howard University

    Modeling Chronic Infection of CVB3 in Cardiomyocytes

    Mentored by Kevin Janes, BME

  • Philip Schroeder

    Philip Schroeder

    University of Virginia

    Prognostic Modeling of Severe Sepsis in the ICU

    Mentored by Laura Barnes, SIE

  • Elizabeth Snyder-Mounts

    Elizabeth Snyder-Mounts

    Duke University

    Using a Normalized-Hill Approach to Model 10 Biological Networks with Default Parameters

    Mentored by Jeff Saucerman, BME

  • Ethan Stancliffe

    Ethan Stancliffe

    University of Iowa

    Characterization of Metabolic Network Models of AB Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    Mentored by Jason Papin, BME

  • Kat Warner

    Kat Warner

    University of Washington

    Multiple Cell-Specific Markers to Predict Neuronal Cell Fate

    Mentored by Eli Zunder, BME, and Christopher Deppmann, Biology