REU Class of 2020

REU Class of 2020 - Virtual!

  • Alexandria Adigun

    Alexandria Adigun

    Howard University, Fourth Year, B.S. Biology

    Topic: A Benchmark Analysis of Scientific Articles that use Single-Cell RNA Sequencing.

    Advisor: Eli Zunder, PhD

  • Diana Albarracin

    Diana Albarracin

    University of Virginia, Third Year, B.S. Biomedical Engineering

    Advisor: Mete Civlek, PhD

  • Savannah Angel

    Savannah Angel

    University of Virginia, Fourth Year, B.S. Biology

    Topic: SH2 Domains: Contacts and Composition

    Advisor: Kristin Naegle, PhD

  • Nicole Attram

    Nicole Attram

    University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Second Year

    Topic: Exploring the Effects of Increased Heart Rate of RAS Induced Heart Failure

    Advisor: Pim Oomen, PhD

  • Basazin Belhu

    Basazin Belhu

    University of Washington, Fourth Year, B.S. Bioengineering

    Topic: Metabolic Network Reconstruction for Gut Microbes Using Probabilistic Gene Annotation

    Advisor: Greg Medlock, PhD

  • Mark Bray

    Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Fourth Year, B.S. Biomedical Engineering

    Topic:Towards a Computational Pipeline for Analyzing SARS-CoV-2 Mutations

    Advisor: Phil Bourne, PhD / Cameron Mura, PhD

  • Henry De Hoyos

    Henry De Hoyos

    University of Virginia, Fourth Year, B.S. Biology

    Topic: Modeling the Auto-activation of the Chromosome Passenger Complex

    Advisor: Todd Stukenberg, PhD / Kevin Janes, PhD

  • Alisha Holden

    California State University-Northridge, Second Year, B.S. Biochemistry and biophysics

    Topic: Creating a Model of a Signaling Network: Exercise-Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy

    Advisor: Jeff Saucerman, PhD

  • Jakub Lipowski

    Jakub Lipowski

    University of Virginia, Third Year, B.S. Biomedical engineering

    Topic: Image Processing and Modeling Sections of Fibrotic Cardiac Tissue

    Advisor: Shayn Peirce-Cottler, PhD

  • Kelly Lopez

    University of Pennsylvania, Third Year, B.S. Bioengineering

    Topic: 3D Finite Element Modeling the Effect of Fat Infiltration in Muscle Mechanics and Force Generation

    Advisor: Silvia Blemker, PhD

  • Alexander Narouz

    Alexander Narouz

    California State University-Northridge, Fourth Year, B.S. Physics

    Topic: Machine Learning Approach to NMR Spectra Cleaning

    Advisor: Greg Medlock, PhD

  • Katherine Oduguwa

    Katherine Oduguwa

    Howard University, Second Year, B.S. Biology

    Topic: Applying PAGA to FLOWMAP Dataset

    Advisor: Eli Zunder, PhD

  • Fola Olusanya

    Fola Olusanya

    Howard University, Fourth Year, B.S. Microbiological sciences and immunology

    Topic: Genome-scale Metabolic Modeling Allows for greater Understanding of Gene Function in Cryptosporidium parvum

    Advisor: Maureen Carey, PhD

  • Jocelyne Rivera

    Jocelyne Rivera

    University of Arizona, Fifth Year, B.S. Biomedical engineering

    Topic: Agent-Based Modeling of Hierarchical Network Formation for the Fabrication of Strong and Homogeneous Artificial Protein Hydrogels

    Advisor: Shayn Peirce-Cottler. PhD