There are two features that Handshake has added in the last year that might be helpful in your job or internship search.  “Q&A” and “Students”

This is the menu you see from the login page in the upper left corner

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Q&A Tab

The Q&A tab gives you the opportunity to ask questions to any of the students from any school (not just UVA) who are using Handshake.  You can ask or answer questions using your name or anonymously.  You can use the tags to find questions and answers related to topics you’re interested in, or use the search bar to type in key words.

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One of the most helpful ways to use the Q&A feature is when you have an upcoming interview. For example, you can ask other students about their experience interviewing with a company that you are also interviewing with.  

For example:

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Students Tab (a little less clear what it means...)

The Students tab gives you access to information about other students (there are more than 4 million of them!) in Handshake who have set their profiles to “Public”.  You can sort by year in school, major, school, previous employer, and student organizations.  You could look for students who have interned at companies that you’re interested in and message them to find out what their experience was like. This could be especially helpful for students who are looking for jobs in other parts of the country.

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Students can be a great resource and source of support for each other! We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to connect with other students.