Hi All,

I’ve just recorded my lecture for tomorrow and I thought to share some details that were useful for me.


- Panopto records audio and the slides giving the ability to students to jump through slides. It also automatically upload the recording in Collab without issues in size uploads. 

- I found that recording multiple short modules is easier than talking for 1h15min. My first lecture has 7 sub-modules divided based on topics, examples, and so on.

- There are shortcuts to start and stop a recording allowing you to visualize and record directly the slideshow without having to switch between windows during the recording. Specifically you just need to create a new recording from the Collab page, then start a presentation for example in powerpoint and finally, if you have a Mac, type 'command-option-R’ to start recording and 'command-option-S’ to stop. For Windows is F8 and F10. You still have to save the session manually after that. 

- You can start a new recording while Panopto is processing the previous one

- Inside the collab Lecture Capture tool, i.e., Panopto, you can set the folder and all recordings as not visible to viewers and publish them the day/time of the class. To do so you click on the folder settings (the gear symbol) and then under Settings, set Availability to ’never’. Once you record a video it will have an option to publish.

-To move videos between folders, you can select one or more videos by clicking the little square icon on the top left corner of the video preview and then press Move on the top of the screen. 


I hope this is useful.




Nicola Bezzo

Link Lab

Engineering Systems and Environment

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Science

University of Virginia