Congratulations to this year’s chemical engineering undergraduate award winners.

The following undergraduate awards were presented at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year to deserving chemical engineering students.


American Institute of Chemists Award

Sponsored by the American Institute of Chemists Foundation, given to the student with the highest GPA in a chemistry-related discipline, including chemical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry.

  • Michael Schapowal

David Lee Preddy Award

Honors David L. Preddy, a 1953 graduate in chemical engineering from UVA, to recognize outstanding academic performance with interest in chemical design and contributions to the University.

  • Ethan Bush
  • Caitlin Rudy
  • Michael Schapowal
  • Sabrina Stenberg

Louis T. Rader Chemical Engineering Prize for Undergraduate Students

Recognizes academic ability, an ability to get along well with others and an ability to work hard.

  • Clayton Burruss
  • Summer Xu

Chemical Engineering Faculty Awards

Given for service to the department, special activities and scholarly achievement.

  • Kevin Bahati
  • Craig Doody
  • Rachel Ho
  • Davis Kleman
  • Rebecca Richardson


Dudley M. Harman Scholarship

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement and interest in the chemical engineering profession with a partial tuition scholarship.

  • Brendan Feeley

Donald F. Othmer Academic Excellence Award

Sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for the CHE student with the highest GPA after the second year.

  • Will McDevitt

Alvin Hurd McNeilly Scholarship

Memorial scholarship established by the father of Alvin H. McNeilly for demonstration of high academic achievement while participating in sports.

  • Will McDevitt
  • Kathryn Smith
  • Anna Winter

Via Brothers Award

Named for UVA chemical engineering alumni John W. and Henry F. Via to recognize outstanding leadership and service in addition to excellent academic performance.

  • Julia George
  • Justin Fernandes

Robert Thomson Scholarship

For chemical engineering students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement.

  • Emma Laudermilch
  • Adam Mann
  • Conor Moran
  • Alexander Sims
  • Michael Sirot


Gregory J. Canty Award

A scholarship established by Mary and Dick Abidin in memory of their grandson, Gregory J. Canty, a 2012 graduate of UVA chemical engineering. The award funds an outstanding undergraduate student for a meritorious summer project. Recipients must demonstrate creativity in translating knowledge and skills into practical engineering solutions or products, and be known for caring and helpfulness toward others.

  • Karl Westendorff

Excellence in Research Award

For students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in undergraduate research as noted by publications, patents, posters and presentations.

  • Karl Westendorff

Excellence in Leadership Award

Recognizes students for exceptional leadership and service to class, department, UVA Engineering and the University as demonstrated by their vision and initiative, ability to execute, teamwork, collaboration, communication, social skills and having earned the respect of their peers and faculty.

  • Jonathan Zheng*

Excellence in Diversity Award

For outstanding students who have exhibited an unparalleled commitment to one of our core values: creating an inclusive community. This student has shown exceptional dedication to raising the consciousness of the chemical engineering community at UVA and advocating for diversity in all areas.

  • Toni Ajala

Edward and Lois Paul Award

Honors Edward Paul, a 1952 graduate in chemical engineering from UVA. Awarded to a chemical engineering student who has a passion for music.

  • Madeline Clore*
  • Conor Moran

* Indicates student is a member of the graduating Class of 2020