What's Next?

We are moving to Arlington, Virginia! As the industry changes, it is important that we as systems thinkers continue to improve and grow UVA's Accelerated Master's Program in Systems Engineering.

The Accelerated Master's Program is changing.

The Accelerated Master's Program in Systems Engineering will be back in fall 2023. The next step for the AMP is a big one, and we hope you join us on this journey. Check back later in 2022 for more details.

The evolution of the program is in line with our primary goal, which is to meet the needs of our audience: working professionals seeking a quality degree in systems engineering.

The program will undergo two major changes. First, we will relocate to UVA's Northern Virginia campus. This is where the majority of our students and alumni are located, and the relocation will strengthen our goal to provide a close-knit network of students and alumni.

The second major change is a shift to a combination of hybrid and in-person learning. While the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that remote learning can provide more flexibility and be cost-effective, we also feel that it is important to retain some of the in-person aspects of the program, which are essential given our emphasis on collaborative learning. These changes will ultimately result in a lower program cost, which is a more equitable outcome and increases the opportunity for diversity, another core value of the program and the University of Virginia.

What won't change? 

The Accelerated Master's Program in Systems Engineering has been successful for over twenty years. We want to keep the unique aspects of the program that make AMP...well, AMP.  

  • The new program will still be completed in one year.

  • The Darden School of Business partnership and collaboration will continue.

  • AMP will continue to have a rigorous and engaging curriculum

  • Cohort-style (collaborative) learning will promote networking and teamwork.

  • Case-based learning, a model that applies your skills directly to real-world problems, will continue to be a core aspect of the program.

  • The updated program will include more of a focuse on our favorite features, like the capstone project and the close relationship with AMP alumni.

What will change for the better? 

  • The new format will result in a significantly lower program cost.

  • Students will have closer proximity to a network of working professionals and job opportunities.

  • The program will incorporate an increased number of networking events with our outstanding alumni group.

  • In-person learning will take place in new and beautiful classrooms and buildings on UVA's Northern Virginia campus.

  • AMP's new format will allow for a more flexible learning style, including recorded sessions and less time away from home.