A Competitive Advantage

Benefits to Employers ~ UVA Accelerated Master's Program in Systems Engineering

"Definitive Logic has gained a significant competitive advantage from sending our people through the Accelerated Master’s Program. Two of our executives and six people overall have gone through the program, with another two planned this year. Our people use the tools they learned in the AMP daily, whether it be thinking strategically, solving complex problems, performing data and systems analysis, or just working well with customers. The increased technical proficiency and confidence that our staff have gained through the AMP has been a real difference-maker for us as a small business."

Nick Incontrera, AMP ’02 Director, Definitive Logic



The blend of technical skills and business acumen that systems engineers offer makes them ideal candidates for both technical leadership roles and senior management positions. They know the questions to ask about projects and balance sheets and they know how to work with interdisciplinary teams so that your organization sees both opportunities to exploit and potential problems to avoid.

Systems Thinking 

As your organization faces more complex technical and competitive challenges, whether in national security, health care, finance, energy, transportation, manufacturing, retail, or other domains, “systems thinking” is critical. Systems engineers bring a perspective and the requisite analytical skills to problems and opportunities that ensure that organizations address the right problems and opportunities and they bring the skills and understanding to create sustainable value to your organization’s bottom line.


Providing the opportunity for integrated professional development through the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering can help your organization retain high-achieving, highly motivated employees and envision a career path for the employee with increasing responsibilities and contributions to your company’s success.

Maximizing Resources

Designed for technical professionals and managers, the Accelerated Master’s Degree Program in Systems Engineering is a hands-on, practical program of study that will give participants the problem-solving and analytical skills needed to maximize existing resources and uncover breakthrough opportunities for your organization.

Strategic Emphasis

The Program’s dual emphasis on engineering and business skills places students in a unique position to further your company’s strategic goals.

Immediate Gains

Since the Program is accelerated, so are the benefits to your organization. Students learn new concepts and skills rapidly and they can apply their knowledge at work immediately.

Learn more about the benefits employers gain from enrolling employees in the Accelerated Master’s Program in this short (< 2 min.) video.