Engineering and Public Health in Guatemala

The program will be joined by a group of eight Guatemalan university students, and the shared projects, outings, and late-night hotel room chats will provide an intense intercultural experience.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 1st, 2020

In Guatemala, students see firsthand how engineering and public health are intimately connected and deeply shaped by their social and economic environment. This interconnection requires an interdisciplinary approach, which is why our course involves students from all across the University. This interdisciplinary lens will help us see how Guatemalans are working with each other and partnering with outsiders to improve their daily lives and their infrastructure. We will hear from local professionals and indigenous elders, visit community development projects, hike a volcano or two, see cottage industries and advanced industrial facilities, walk through artisan markets, and experience ancient Mayan ruins. We start off on beautiful Lake Atitlán, before moving to scenic Huehuetenango, and then to Xela, the second city of Guatemala.

This 3-credit, two-week course (to be cross-listed as STS 3500 and GSGS 3120) builds on the UVA-Guatemala Initiative’s decade of work and study in Guatemala. Hundreds of UVA undergraduate and graduate students have studied, performed clinical rotations, and worked with community partners in the areas of health, development, and engineering. 

The program is open to all UVA students, and no Spanish language ability is required. You will, however, learn some Spanish along the way, and you will even be able to take ten weeks of one-on-one Spanish lessons via Skype before the course!

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"I absolutely loved this course! I couldn't have imagined taking something so enriching on Grounds."

UVA in Guatemala Participant