Virtual Lab Tours

Our research environment promotes our core values:  respect, collaboration, student experience, innovation and impact.

We foster breakthrough research conducted in facilities that put our department at the forefront of the materials field.

We are home to several major research centers of excellence and operate sophisticated laboratory instrumentation and computer modeling facilities in two connected, state-of-the-art buildings, Wilsdorf and Jesser Halls.

Whether conducting research in small groups or large, dispersed teams, you will have the satisfaction of working toward a common goal in a setting similar to what you will encounter in government and industry laboratories. Our goal is to provide an immersive laboratory experience in which you can achieve technical excellence and meet your professional development needs by asking questions, learning from mentors, and demonstrating leadership.

Wadley Lab Tour


Dr. Jeroen Deijkers gives a lab tour of Professor Wadley's lab space. Jeroen describes the various equipment in the lab and how they are used in research.

Soft Biomatter Lab Tour

Professor Cai and the graduate students in the Soft Biomatter Lab give an overview of their work and the exciting aspects of their research.

Reinke Virtual Lab Tour

Professor Reinke's virtual lab tour of the surface science and nanostructure lab she heads. She goes over the various equipment in her lab, what working in the lab is like, and its great features.

Opila Lab Tour

Graduate students in Professor Opila's lab group give a tour of the high temperature labs, describe the various equipment they use in research, and give some equipment demonstrations.

Kelly Lab Tour

Carolina Vicente Moraes, Rebecca Marshall, Duane Armell Macatangay, Pedro Atz Dick, and Dr. Danyil Kovalov give an overview of their work in the Kelly group.

Ihlefeld Lab Tour

The Ihlefeld group provides a demonstration and overview of the deposition equipment and processes in their lab.

UVA ExSite Lab Virtual Tour

Professor Hopkins group’s interests are in energy transport and coupled photonic interactions with condensed matter, soft materials, liquids, vapors, plasmas and their interfaces. Watch the video to take a tour through their labs to learn more about their research.


E-SNAIL Lab Tour

Professor Zebarjadi gives an overview of her lab and research. Her work is focused on manipulating thermal and electrical properties for more efficient energy conversion.

CESE Lab Tour

Sam and Duane give a tour of the CESE labs in Wilsdorf Hall and Jesser Hall and the equipment in each lab.

Burns Research Group Lab Tour

Dr. Zach Harris leads the viewer through the Burns Research Lab, covering some of the major testing equipment in the lab and the testing that is currently being implemented.