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News and Announcements about Synthetic Biology and the iGEM team at UVA

    iGEM 2020 Wins Gold!

    February 04, 2021

    In iGEM's first ever Virtual Giant Jamboree in November 2020, Virginia iGEM was awarded a Gold Medal for their innovative project in metabolic engineering: Manifold. Competing against almost 250 teams from around the world, the Virginia iGEM team had to find ways to complete their research and project development almost completely online, but managed to come out with a comprehensive design, labratory plan, outreach components, and extensive math modeling work. This was the 14th consecutive year UVA has participated in the worldwide competition, but the 1st year that was done remotely, as well as the 1st opportunity to start a 2-year track project in the iGEM Competition. The 2021 Virginia iGEM Team has plans to continue developing Manifold, both in refining the design and completing the lab work that was planned by the 2020 Team. The hope is to create a prototype of the Manifold device, test it, and gather data to compare to the math modeling work before the competition this year. 

    Representing UVA were Julia Ball, Collin Marino, Jacob Polzin, Sophia Link, Veronica Guttierez, Dev Patel, Aparna Kola, Colin Haws, Eddie Micklovic, Pietro Revelli, and Apekchha Pradhan. The Virginia iGEM advisors are Profs. Keith Kozminski (Biology) and Jason Papin (Biomedical Engineering).

    Team Manifold Conducts Virtual Research

    August 11, 2020

    This year’s team is the 14th Virginia iGEM team to compete in the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, the Giant Jamboree, following a legacy of successful teams and their inventive synthetic biology solutions. Under the guidance of our advisors, Professor Papin and Professor Kozminski (Biomedical Engineering and Biology Departments, respectively), Virginia iGEM has consistently received recognition at the competition, as well as seeding biotech startups Agrospheres INC and Transfoam LLC. Along with a strong reputation to live up to, the 2020 Team has been incredibly resilient in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.