Members of our group attend conferences, write publications, and win awards. Recent graduates are working at Intel, Uber, and other Fortune 500 companies. We track our activities on our group blog.

Current Member

  • Avik Ghosh

    Principal Investigator (



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  • Samiran Ganguly

    Postdoc (

    Samiran Ganguly joined VINO as Postdoc since 2016. He received his PhD at Purdue University 2016.


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  • Sheikh Z. Ahmed

    Graduate student (

    Research Interest:

    Tunnel Field Effect Transistors
    Infrared Photodetectors


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  • Hamed Vakilitalegha

    Hamed Vakilitalegha

    Graduate Student (

    Research Interest:

    Skyrmions and its properties in magnetic materials



  • Md Golam Morshed

    Md Golam Morshed

    Graduate Student (

    Research Interest:

    Magnetic skyrmions for spintronics applications



  • Farjana Ferdous Tonni

    Farjana Ferdous Tonni

    Graduate Student (

    Skills: Matlab, VASP, VESTA
  • Xiang (Jennifer) Liao

    Xiang (Jennifer) Liao

    Undergraduate Student (