The UVA Engineering community joined together - virtually and creatively - to honor the more than 975 students who have met the rigorous requirements to become UVA engineers by earning doctoral, master's or bachelor's degrees.

You Are Now UVA Engineering Leaders

In a message to graduates, UVA Engineering Dean Craig H. Benson says the class of 2020 will go down in history for demonstrating leadership and selflessness in the face of extreme challenge.

An Important Request of Our Newest UVA Engineers

UVA Engineering Executive Dean Pamela M. Norris, a nationally recognized leader in diversity in STEM in higher education, asks one thing of Class of 2020 graduates.

  • UVA Engineering Student Anna L. Cerf

    Anna L. Cerf, a Class of 2020 graduate from the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, is passionate about environmental engineering, specifically as related to sustainability issues.

  • UVA Engineering Student Emily Chen

    Emily Chen, a Class of 2020 graduate from the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, played a critical role in the successful completion of a Virginia Department of Transportation project examining policy and regulation barriers to bicycle facilities.

  • UVA Engineering Student Allison Horenberg

    Allison Horenberg, a Class of 2020 graduate from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, shines in her ability to perform cutting-edge research, according to her nomination letter from the department.

  • UVA Engineering Student Jonathan Zheng

    Jonathan Zheng, a Class of 2020 graduate from the Department of Chemical Engineering, has been an active participant in undergraduate research, as well as a leader in multiple student organizations.

Message to the Class of 2020

W. Bernard Carlson, the Joseph L. Vaughan Professor and chair of the Department of Engineering and Society, addresses what makes a great engineering education.

Sharing Our Pride in the Class of 2020

#WeAreUVAEngineers2020: A Video Tribute to Our Graduates

Faculty, staff, alumni, friends and fellow students contributed their well wishes to the Class of 2020, with smiles, creativity and a little bit of advice.

#WeAreUVAEngineers2020: A Photo Slideshow

UVA Engineering students, faculty, staff, families, friends and alumni contributed photo memories of the Class of 2020, which we've compiled into this slideshow. More photos can be found on https://www.facebook.com/uvaengineering.

#WeAreUVAEngineers2020: Share the Celebration on Social Media!

Check out posts from our students, families, friends, faculty, staff and alumni on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you use #WeAreUVAEngineers2020, the posts will show up on our social media wall. Don't forget to use #UVAGrad, too.

Want to See Yourself Here for Graduation?

We can't bring you to Grounds, but we can try to bring a bit of Grounds to you. Here are downloadable images of favorite spots around the Engineering School. Feel free to use them for your backgrounds.

Class of 2020: Student Highlights