Although we could not be together on Grounds May 16, the extended UVA Biomedical Engineering family honors the students who have met the rigorous requirements to become UVA engineers. We invite students, faculty, staff, families, friends and alumni to explore this page for special presentations by our BME community members and celebrations of our newly minted alumni. We also look forward to seeing graduates and families at the University’s official Final Exercises in October 2020 or May 2021.

Messages and Memories

Message from the Chair

Frederick H. Epstein, Mac Wade Professor and chair of biomedical engineering, congratulates the Class of 2020 for meeting every challenge with grace.

The Roads We Traveled to #UVABME2020

Join us on a trip to the many places BMEs visit as they travel the road to graduation. Created by Shayn Peirce-Cottler and friends with music by Timothy Allen. Direct link on YouTube: https://youtu.be/krKGk3g_z60

Meet the BME Class of 2020

Congratulations to all our graduates!

  • Doctor of Philosophy

    PhD in Biomedical Engineering

    Alyssa Becker, Advised by Brent French

    Colleen Curley, Advised by Richard Price

    Ana Cristina Estrada, Advised by Jeffrey Holmes

    Jennifer Marie Hays, Advised by Peter Kasson

    Elizabeth Jean Pereira, Advised by Kevin Janes

    Thien-Khoi Nguyen Phung, Advised by Jeffrey Holmes

    Kristopher Rawls, Advised by Jason Papin

    Christian Smolko, Advised by Kevin Janes

    Amanda Westman, Advised by Silvia Blemker and George Christ

    PhD in Biomedical Sciences

    Ellen Mintz, Experimental Pathology, Advised by George Christ

  • Master of Engineering and Master of Science

    Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

    Helen Vanderpool Warner, Advised by Shayn Peirce-Cottler

    Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

    John-Marschner Robert Rickel,  Advised by John Hossack

    Benjamin Lee Anton, Advised by Silvia Blemker

    Emily York Miller, Advised by Silvia Blemker

    Kimberly C Smith, Advised by George Christ

  • Bachelor of Science

    BS in Biomedical Engineering

    Termeh Ahi (High Distinction)

    Rohni Awasthi

    Nathan Barefoot (Highest Distinction)

    Patrick James Beck (Highest Distinction)

    Caroline Bereuter (Distinction)

    Peyton Thomas Billips 

    Nia Deconte Blibo 

    Robert Chase Boettner 

    Jillian Leigh Bracaglia 

    Daryl K Brown II

    Harry Worthley Burke III (Distinction)

    Rebecca Ann Byrd (Distinction)

    Lindsay Ann Carlesi (Distinction)

    Chloe Yue-Shen Chang (Distinction)

    Kevin Ly Chang (High Distinction)

    Ryan Alexander Clark (Highest Distinction)

    Samantha Anne Clayton (High Distinction)

    Caitleen Anne Copeland (High Distinction)

    Matthew Kevin Cousins (Distinction)

    Inusah Attah Diallo 

    Julia Kathryn Donlon 

    Olivia DuCharme (High Distinction)

    Regan Ashley Ellis (High Distinction)

    Lydia Erbaugh (Highest Distinction)

    Pamela Sofia Flintsch Medina 

    Briana Allison Fuller 

    Elnaz Ghajar-Rahimi (Distinction)

    Madison Paige Goldrich (High Distinction)

    Sally Sarah Greenberg (High Distinction)

    Connor Gilmore Grubbs (Highest Distinction)

    Ziyang Guo (High Distinction)

    Kelsey Elizabeth Hannifin (Distinction)

    Lauren Elizabeth Harkins (High Distinction)

    Victoria Hinchberger (High Distinction)

    Allison Lyn Horenberg (High Distinction)

    Michael Murphy Hughes (High Distinction)

    Sruthi Savithri Jayaraman (High Distinction)

    Jessica Esther Kain (Highest Distinction)

    Abhishek Karkar (High Distinction)

    Brendan Patrick Kenefick (High Distinction)

    Chang Eui Kim

    Anna Lam

    Leyao Li (Distinction)

    Pai Li

    Suzanne Elizabeth Lightsey (Distinction)

    Lily May Lin (Distinction)

    Georgia Mackenzie (Distinction)

    Jessica Emma Mahoney (Distinction)

    Sophia A. Martinese 

    James Couper Massey 

    Jacob Jeffrey Matriccino (Highest Distinction)

    Meghan Rosemary McDermott (Distinction)

    Patrick James Murphy 

    Benjamin Charles Neubert (Highest Distinction)

    Kaylee Madeline O'Donnell (High Distinction)

    Michael James O'Hanlon II (Distinction)

    Benjamin Osborne (Distinction)

    Saurav Pandey (High Distinction)

    Victoria Marie Parodi (Distinction)

    Avinaash Krishna Pavuloori  

    Robert Torr Pazhwak (High Distinction)

    Brandon Minh-Truc Phan 

    Gabriel Victor Popescu 

    Christopher Edward Puglisi (Distinction)

    Jasraj Singh Raghuwanshi (Highest Distinction)

    Michael Ramirez (Distinction)

    Kelsie Lileana Reinaltt 

    Julia Copeland Riedy 

    Alma Rosa Rivera Feregrino (Distinction)

    Dana Katherine Schultz (Highest Distinction)

    Vincent Sciortino (Highest Distinction)

    Taylor Jovero Sealy 

    Radu Serbulea

    Vikram Seshadri (Highest Distinction)

    An Thuy-Dinh Smith (High Distinction)

    Victoria Ramona Spina (Distinction)

    Noah Benjamin Stern (High Distinction)

    Pallavi Swarup

    Emma Charlotte Taylor-Fishwick (High Distinction)

    Anant Raj Tewari (Highest Distinction)

    George Richard Vithoulkas (High Distinction)

    Noah Brooks Vanterve 

    Dana Wang (High Distinction)

    Jason Woloff

    Bowen Xiang (High Distinction)

    Sophia Xiao (High Distinction)

    Justin ZhI-De Yao (Distinction)

    Madisan Yates

    Sarah Zagorin (High Distinction)

Dr. Allen plays the music for BME's graduation video

Dr. Allen's variation on the Good Old Song, prepared as an accompaniment to The Roads We Traveled to #UVABME2020. Direct Link to YouTube: https://youtu.be/trzCzNiq-rM.