Professor Haydn Wadley


Haydn Wadley is the University Professor and the Edgar A. Starke Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has very broad interests in materials science, mechanics and thermal transport. His current research explores high temperature thermal protection systems (thermal barrier coatings, liquid metal heat plates for hypersonic vehicle leading edges, jet blast deflectors) and new materials for the mitigation of high intensity dynamic loads (ballistic and blast protection materials and structures). He has addressed many fundamental questions associated with the atomic assembly of nanoscopic materials from the vapor phase, the topological structuring of cellular materials and the processing of high performance composites. These fundamental studies have been used to develop models and numerical simulations that reveal the linkages between a materials composition/synthesis and its performance. Some of these models have been coupled with in-situ (ultrasonic and electromagnetic) sensors and nonlinear, feedback control algorithms to implement intelligent process control concepts. He has invented and commercialized several vapor deposition technologies that enable the growth of novel thin films and coatings, and numerous multifunctional cellular materials including those that support stress whilst also serving as impact energy absorbers, heat exchange media, electro-chemical power storage systems or shape morphing structures.

Haydn N. Wadley

"My research has created materials that increase fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, and saved lives by providing better ballistic impact protection."

Haydn N. Wadley, University Professor

His research group has spun out two companies; one that develop novel coatings and another that manufactures high performance cellular materials. He has served on the Defense Science Board’s Summer Study, and is a current member of the Defense Materials, Manufacturing and Infrastructure Committee and the National Materials and Manufacturing Board. He has been a member of the Defense Science Research Council since 1998 and led studies on a wide variety of topics including Jungle Warfare Technology, Exploitation of Space, Counter Ambush Technologies, Blast Injury Mitigation, Novel Concepts for Protection from EFP’s, Compact Power Systems, Electrotextiles, Countermeasures to Non Traditional Threat Agents, and Technologies for Stabilization, Reconstruction and Humanitarian Relief Operations. He has published 473 papers, co-authored a book on cellular materials, holds 28 US patents, and is a fellow of the American Society for Materials.