It's almost time for an extra long winter break!

We hope that the break is a time for rest, reflection, hobbies, personal projects, catching up with friends and family - and maybe a J-Term course or academic/professional projects sprinkled in.

Before final exams wrap up, our team wants you to know about our winter break office hours (we're open!), ideas for career-related activities you can participate in over the break, and early spring career events so you can save the dates now.

Winter Break Office Hours & Appointments

Understandably, many think that our office is closed while classes are not in session, but this isn't the case! 

Our team will continue working remotely over the winter break, with the expection of December 21-January 1, when the University is closed for two weeks.

Throughout the rest of December and January, you can email us with quick questions or schedule a 1-on-1 career advising appointment if you'd like to chat with a friendly, experienced advisor about any questions or ideas you have. New to scheduling appointments? Here's how to do it.

Of course if you want to look through online resources on your own, we recommend checking out our website, our blog, and our Collab site

5 ideas of mini career actitivies for the break

Reflect on the fall semester.

Winter break is a great time to look back and reflect, while also looking ahead to the spring semester. Ask yourself what you did this semester, in or outside of the classroom, that you enjoyed. What was your favorite class? Project? New concept you learned about? Are there new, hands-on and project-based clubs you want to become involved in? Would you like to chat with an alum who's working in a company/industry or on projects that interest you? Reflect on your current top interests and curiosities, and know that our team is ready to partner with you to explore those further in the spring (or when you're ready).

Update your resume with projects and activities from the fall semester.

It's easy for tasks like updating your resume to fall low on the priority list when problem sets, quizzes, and exams are due. If you have some down time over the break, use our Engineering Resume Guide to help you update (or create) your resume. Once you've updated your resume, upload it to VMOCK and get instant feedback on your content, layout, and formatting!

Create a LinkedIn account if you don't have one, or update your existing profile.

The long break is a great time to revisit, or launch, your profile. Check out our favorite tips for LinkedIn and chat with a career advisor if you'd like to learn more about the various ways to leverage LinkedIn.

Connect with a UVA alum.

Alumni want to share their stories and answer any questions you may have ranging from choosing a major and making the most of your UVA experience to considering possible next steps beyond your time at UVA. Connect with alumni in the Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM) community, and read about positive experiences your peers have had with VAM.

Catch up on career event recordings from the summer and fall.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't able to attend all of the live career events I wanted to this past summer or fall. And even though we recorded many of the events, I haven't had an opportunity to watch some of the ones I missed yet.

The long break will be a great opportunity for you (and me!) to catch up on content whenever we'd like.

Gateway to Grad School 
UVA CS Grad School Info Session 
Career Week Fall 20 Playlist & Presentations 
Networking beyond employer events - Leveraging Your Online Community
Hustle: How To Be Creative, Make Connections, And Create Opportunities
Black Engineering Alumni Panel
Getting Started with GitHub
How to Hackathon
More event recordings from the UVA Career Center

Save the date for early spring career events

If you're launching or continuing an internship or job search in the spring semester, save the date for these early spring virtual events.

Career Week
Tentatively the last week of January
Our team is planning a series of helpful emails and live events to help you feel more prepared and confident about taking the next steps in your internship/job search.

Resume Marathon
Wed., Feb. 3 | 10am-3pm
Join us virtually to have your resume reviewed by employers and alums. Each session will be approximately 15-20 minutes. If you have never had your resume reviewed or plan to start submitting applications for internships or jobs, this is a great opportunity to get helpful, constructive feedback from people that review resumes every day in a safe environment. 

Mock Interview Day
Thurs., Feb. 4 | 9am-4pm
You'll be able to sign up for a 45 minute, stress-free session with an employer to practice your interview skills and receive personal feedback on your resume. 

Engineering & Technology - Job & Internship Fair
Thurs., Feb. 11 | 1-4pm
Employers, alumni, and recruiters who want to hire UVA students will host 1:1 or group sessions to chat with you about opportunities with their companies.

All Career Industries - Job & Internship Fair
Thurs., Feb. 25 | 1-4pm
In addition to the Engineering & Technology fair, many employers of interest to Engineers and CS majors will participate in this all-industries fair.