The People of CAB

The CAB employs exceptional personnel that apply generative, state-of-the-art methods and procedures for the successful operation of multiple large-scale research projects. We originate from a diverse set of nationalities and technical backgrounds including mechanical, biomedical, electrical, and civil engineering, epidemiology and biostatistics, orthopedic and emergency medicine, as well as radiology and pathology. The CAB staff is composed of more than 40 individuals including University faculty members, PhD-level professional researchers, data acquisition experts, anatomy and cadaveric materials specialists, instrumentation technicians, graduate students and support staff.

CAB researchers continue to help shape the direction of injury biomechanics and automobile safety through their involvement and leadership in several international organizations and in the development of high standards and practices.

CAB Faculty are educators, principal investigators and thought leaders in the field of injury biomechanics.  Their mentorship has launched the careers of hundreds.


Researchers at the CAB are well known the in the field of injury biomechanics.  From post-docs to principal scientists, all provide critical support to sponsored research.


Principal investigators at the CAB are in the enviable position of having a dedicated staff to service their design, fabrication, instrumentation, anatomical, IT and contract support needs.


The Center for Applied Biomechanics typically has 10 to 20 students pursuing graduate degrees. Students graduating from the Center become leaders in the fields of injury biomechanics and automobile safety, and our alumni continue to thrive in influential positions within academia, industry, and government.