Sled Systems


Seattle Safety ServoSled

The ServoSled is a high-speed accelerator sled system designed to simulate the conditions experienced during automotive collisions. This system combines a pneumatic intrusion cylinder with a servo-hydraulic, closed-loop control system to tailor the acceleration pulse to a wide variety of test conditions. This system has been used to simulate frontal and oblique vehicle impacts.

DSD Single Intrusion Cylinder

This multi-purpose intrusion cylinder uses pneumatics and servo-hydraulics to replicate the conditions seen in automotive impact events. This lightweight system can be mounted on the SESA ServoSled to capture occupant kinematics that combines forward motion with a side impact.

VIA Systems Deceleration Sled

The CAB VIA-713 Deceleration Sled employs a pneumatic propulsion system to accelerate a track-mounted carriage/buck to a predetermined velocity. The sled carriage is decelerated through the action of a VIA Systems hydraulic impact device (Model 931-4000). This sled system has been involved in numerous tests, ranging from frontal, side, and oblique impact testing, to pedestrian impact tests, to full-vehicle rollover testing.