Biomechanical Engineering for Health

Matt Panzer holding a model of brain

We are bridging critical gaps in technical expertise between engineering and medicine to facilitate transformative research and innovation; we are leveraging recent successes in manufacturing of materials and devices for drug delivery and cancer research. We have strengths in autonomous safety, orthopedics and brain health.

Research Labs

Center For Applied Biomechanics

Lab Director: Jason Kerrigan

As the largest university-based injury biomechanics laboratory in the world, the center specializes in impact biomechanics for injury prevention. It’s where crash survival becomes a science.

Motion Analysis and Motor Performance Laboratory

Lab Director: Shawn Russell

The Motion Analysis and Motor Performance Lab focuses on using a combination of cutting edge clinical measures in conjunction with state of the art custom modeling techniques to increase our understanding of human movement.  Our work is used to inform medical interventions...

Multiscale Muscle Mechanics (M3) Laboratory

Lab Director: Silvia S. Blemker

The goal of the M3 Lab’s research is to identify the principles of muscle design by characterizing the relationships between muscle structure, mechanical properties, biology, and function.

Xu Research Group

Lab Director: Baoxing Xu

The Xu Research Group projects focus multiscale mechanics for functional material and device design — in particular, nanoporous materials, nanopore-functional liquid composite materials, bioinspired and biointegrated electronics and devices, soft-hard integration and adaptive soft materials.