Cyber-Physical Systems and Autonomy

decontamination robot in a room at the UVA Health System

We are taking a national leadership role in the area of underwater, ground-based and aerial autonomous systems, bio-inspired systems, robotics, sensing, and autonomous vehicles. We are able to leverage our state-of-the-art facilities in mechatronics rapid prototyping as well as cyber-physical systems and manufacturing with our strong industrial ties.

Bio-Inspired Engineering Research (BIER) Laboratory

Lab Director: Hilary Bart-Smith

Current research teams are engaged in a broad array of issues related to reverse engineering of biological systems, including central pattern generator control, active tensegrity structures with integrated actuation, electro-active polymers (artificial skin/muscle), and hydrodynamics.

Capillary Micro Mechatronics Research Group (CMMRG)

Lab Director: Carl R. Knospe

Research efforts are underway to better understand the electrowetting of conductive liquids on insulated electrodes and to optimize materials and geometry to enhance electrowetting performance.

Flow Simulations Research Group (FSRG)

Lab Director: Haibo Dong

The Flow Simulation Research Group focuses on understanding the physics of complex flows of flying and swimming in nature by combining state-of-the-art computational methods, experimental tools, and theoretical fluid dynamics research.

Intelligent Systems Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Qing (Cindy) Chang

The Intelligent Systems Lab conducts research on development of next-generation analytics and control frameworks for smart manufacturing powered by domain knowledge, advanced robotics, big data, IoT, and machine learning techniques.

Mechatronics Lab

Lab Director: Gavin Garner

Mechatronics involves the synergistic integration of Mechanical Engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture of industrial products and processes.