Construction Engineering and Management Concentration

The CEM concentration reconciles theory and practice of construction engineering and management, redefining the teaching-learning ecosystem by:

  • Welcoming the missing actors: The industry takes an active part in the students' personal and professional development.
  • Changing the traditional roles within it: Professors and industry experts design and deliver synergized theoretical-practical learning experiences while students are also networking and potentially being recruited.
  • Enhancing its environment: The classroom concept is expanded with on-site/office experiential learning and enriched by real-world case studies.

This renewed teaching-learning ecosystem is accomplished through three strategic pillars:

  • Pedagogical Innovation: The rapidly changing construction industry and the diversity of students’ educational needs demand flexibility from academia. Flexible academic programs are only possible in the midst of a culture of constant innovation in pedagogy, starting with the effective implementation of suitable and proven pedagogical approaches. 
  • Academia-Industry Partnership: The combined theoretical and practical requirements of an effective CEM education cannot be sustainably met by any academic institution nor corporate training program individually. This means that the establishment, maintenance, and management of productive alliances with construction companies are essential to assure both academia and industry high competitiveness.
  • Synergy with Distinctive UVA Strengths: The CEM track is not an isolated educational effort. It takes advantage of the world-class trajectory of UVA by functioning interdependently with highly renowned existing University programs, departments, and schools.


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