Clark Scholars Class of 2024

Class of 2024

  • Anna Harris

    Anna Harris

    Class of 2024

    Anna Harris is from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania and is pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. She has always loved math, science, and problem solving and knew a career in engineering would be a perfect fit for using her passions to benefit society. She hopes to focus on sustainability in her future. Anna is excited to be at UVA because of the exceptional academic foundation she will acquire. As a Clark Scholar, she looks forward to the global experience, service opportunities, and improvement of skills in business and leadership. 

  • Jordan Fuller

    Jordan Fuller

    Class of 2024

    My name is Jordan Fuller and I am a Computer Engineering major from Long Beach, California. I have a passion for fashion and styling. I also enjoy all things computers, especially hardware. I am looking forward to seeing how Clark Scholars grows and evolves over the course of my career at UVA.

  • Devasish Pant

    Devasish Pant

    Class of 2024

    Devasish is originally from Nepal and grew up in Manassas, Northern Virginia for most of his life. He is planning on majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Spanish. He has been passionate about STEM ever since he was in middle school and is excited to explore how the world can be improved by innovation and science. As a UVA Clark Scholar, he is looking forward to see the program expand and also learn from the experiences provided to him through the program.

  • Jona Zvazenewako

    Jona Zvazenewako

    Class of 2024

    Jona is from Atlanta, Georgia plans to major in mechanical engineering. Growing up, Jona was passionate about the world of automobiles and motorsports especially. In his free time, Jona likes to watch sports, particularly racing. He looks forward to enhancing his engineering learning experience at UVA through the Clark Scholars Program.

  • Esther Yi

    Esther Yi

    Class of 2024

    Hi! My name's Esther Yi and I am from Yorktown, Virginia. I am currently planning on being a Systems Major with a minor in Computer Science. I am passionate about making a positive impact on society and reflecting the change I want to see in the world to my community. As a UVA Clark Scholar I am excited to broaden my horizons by studying abroad and making new connections.

  • Christopher Camacho

    Christopher Camacho

    Class of 2024

    My name is Christopher Camacho and I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am majoring in aerospace engineering. I am very interested in aircraft and spacecraft so I figured that I would learn about them. I am looking forward to studying abroad in Spain and having many more new experiences as a Clark Scholar.

  • Johnathon Nicolaus

    Johnathon Nicolaus

    Class of 2024

    Johnathon Nicolaus is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and plans to pursue a major in Biomedical Engineering. He chose to study engineering so he can explore science and technology while working to create solutions that improve the lives of others around him. During his time at UVA, he's looking forward to working with other engineers to solve challenges and learn more about engineering through hands-on experiences in research opportunities. Johnathon is very excited to be a Clark Scholar, as the strong academic and leadership aspects of the program provide a great opportunity to become a better engineer. 

  • Georgia Helein

    Georgia Helein

    Class of 2024

    Hi, my name is Georgia Helein and I’m from Lynchburg, Virginia. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I’m very passionate about science, specifically biology and nature. I’m really looking forward to experiencing cool opportunities like the global experience and meeting new people and leaders as I continue to advance through the Clark Scholars program.

  • Skylar Haskiell

    Skylar Haskiell

    Class of 2024

    Skylar Haskiell is from Yorktown, Virginia and plans on studying biomedical engineering during her time at UVa. Skylar enjoys spending her free time outside doing activities like running, biking, and hiking. Skylar is currently involved in Engineering Student Council, Society of Women Engineers, and is in engineering sorority. She is looking forward to getting involved in research soon. 

  • David Lin

    David Lin

    Class of 2024

    David is from Centerville, Virginia. Since David was a child, he enjoyed playing strategy games and felt unsettled whenever a problem was left unsolved. A STEM career was the obvious choice for him. David prefers to stay out of the spotlight and wants to develop a skill that’s both flexible and relevant. He programs in his free time and feel in love with it, which is why he decided to major in computer science. As a Clark Scholar, he is excited to work with other Scholars on cross-disciplinary projects to tackle pressing issues.  

  • Emmanuel Kenscoff

    Emmanuel Kenscoff

    Class of 2024

    Emmanuel is originally from Valley Stream, New York, but now lives in Brooklyn, New York.I plan on majoring in Mechanical Engineering while also having a minor in Computer Science. I am passionate about wanting to bring innovation in the world of automotive and robotics while also wanting to help young African Americans gain knowledge and opportunities in the engineering field. As a UVA Clark Scholar, I look forward to building my network of suitable peers that will help me reach my highest potential.

  • Kousuke Tapia

    Kousuke Tapia

    Class of 2024

    I was born in Bolivia and lived there until I was 15, then moved to Springfield, VA to begin and finish high school.I am majoring in Computer Engineering and hoping to minor in Economics. The motivation behind my major choice is simply my deep interest for technology, especially computers. I love the process of assembling PCs and spend most of my free time learning about the latest developments in the industry. I look forward to my time at UVA as a Clark Scholar and to hopefully one day contribute to society through my passion.

  • Najarie Williams

    Najarie Williams

    Class of 2024

    My name is Najarie Williams and I am a mechanical engineering major from Woodbridge, VA. I am passionate about teaching others that an engineer can look like anyone, no matter their color or gender. As a Clark Scholar, I am looking forward to networking with the amazing people that Clark introduces me to. This is truly an amazing program and I am very excited to be a part of it!