Clark Scholars Class of 2025

Class of 2025

  • Kailey Brown

    Kailey Brown

    Class of 2025

    Kailey is from Newport News, Virginia and majoring in computer engineering. Kailey is passionate about cooking, baking, and helping others. As a Clark Scholar, Kailey is interested in learning about other cultures and expanding her business knowledge through the McIntire certificate program and Clark leadership seminars. 

  • Andy Chen

    Andy Chen

    Class of 2025

    Andy is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania and majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He is fascinated by exploration both in and outside Earth’s atmosphere. Outside of class, Andy loves to watch and play volleyball and basketball. As a Clark Scholar, Andy looks forward to meeting like-minded engineers that aspire to take on the challenges of a modern world.

  • Ethan Fouch

    Ethan Fouch

    Class of 2025

    Ethan is from Roanoke, Virginia and majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He is very passionate about space travel and would love to work for NASA at one of the Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Ethan also enjoys performing and writing music. He studied abroad in Spain in spring 2023. 


  • Joe Inacio

    Joe Inacio

    Class of 2025

    Joe is from Osprey, Florida and majoring in civil engineering on the infrastructure track. Driven by his passion for modern trains ranging from high-speed rail to regional light rail, Joe aspires to vastly improve America’s rail transport in the coming decades. He enjoys the domestic and international connections and opportunities offered by the Clark Scholars program.

  • Nurbol Lampert

    Nurbol Lampert

    Class of 2025

    Nurb is from Richmond, Virginia majoring in Computer Science. He enjoy the challengse of making computers do what he wants. Nurb also loves running, working out, and pickup Spikeball games. He is fluent in Russian and grew up in Kazakhstan before moving to Virginia as a teen. As a Clark Scholar, he looks forward to continuing the adventure with his fellow “Clarkies.”

  • Elaina Lee

    Elaina Lee

    Class of 2025

    Elaina is from Victoria, Texas and majoring in Chemical Engineering. She worked at a COVID hotline in 2020 and is also an avid golfer. She is passionate about applying engineering practices to humanitarian efforts in the community and world. As a Clark Scholar, Elaina looks forward to broadening her horizons in international, academic, and personal settings.

  • Joe Leonard

    Joe Leonard

    Class of 2025

    Joe is from Long Island, New York. He majors in computer science with a minor in data analytics. He loves sports and wants to merge that love with engineering. He imagines a sports world where data plays a more prevalent role. While in the Clarks Scholar Program, Joe looks forward to networking, collaborating and being inspired by fellow engineers on both a national and global scale.

  • Adalyn Mall

    Adalyn Mall

    Class of 2025

    Adalyn is from Williamsburg, Virginia majoring in systems engineering. As a Clark Scholar, she looks forward to networking with people in STEM and learning the business aspects of engineering. Math and science have always fascinated her, and she is excited to discover real world applications of those subjects. She is passionate about finding joy and prosperity in life.

  • Sarah Naidu

    Sarah Naidu

    Class of 2025

    Sarah is from outside Indianapolis, IN and majoring in Systems Engineering. She is passionate about turning information into actionable knowledge using mathematical tools and data analysis. Sarah hopes to apply those insights towards innovative solutions that can help build a more equitable future. As a Clark Scholar, she is looking forward to interdisciplinary and community-minded experiences.

  • Jason Morefield

    Jason Morefield

    Class of 2025

    Jason is a chess master, Eagle Scout and future aerospace engineer from Chesterfield, Virginia outside Richmond. He studies Aerospace Engineering because he strongly believes that space exploration will continue to bring discoveries that will help life on Earth. As a Clark Scholar, Jason looks forward to developing important engineering skills while building connections that will last a lifetime.

  • Maya Reese

    Maya Reese

    Class of 2025

    Maya is from Williamsburg, Virginia and majoring in chemical engineering. She is passionate about protecting the environment and hopes to promote sustainability in a future engineering career. In her free time, she loves camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors. Maya is looking forward to studying abroad in Valencia and gaining valuable business skills as a part of the Clark Scholars Program.

  • Eli Roberts

    Eli Roberts

    Class of 2025

    Eli is from Charlottesville, Virginia and majoring in computer science. He is passionate about giving back to the community through service and also creating racial equality.  As a Clark scholar, Eli looks forward to traveling and having the ability to construct a network of peers who want to see each other thrive.

  • Deyan Saleem

    Deyan Saleem

    Class of 2025

    Deyan is from Woodbridge, Virginia and majoring in biomedical engineering. He has been a college TA in AutoCAD and a research assistant in a biomedical laboratory. As a UVA Clark Scholar, Deyan is excited to travel abroad and participate in a capstone project that combines his BME interest with service to the community.

  • Michael Sekyi

    Michael Sekyi

    Class of 2025

    Michael is from Alexandria, Virginia and majoring in Computer Engineering. Michael is passionate about the evolving world of computer technology and artificial intelligence. He also enjoys playing music and is an avid sports follower. As a Clark Scholar, Michael is looking forward to making connections with peers and experiencing new opportunities such as his experience studying in Spain in fall 2022.

  • Rola Suleiman

    Rola Suleiman

    Class of 2025

    Rola is from Yorktown, Virginia and majoring in biomedical engineering. Rola decided to study biomedical engineering to understand the tools available to her in the medical field. As a Clark Scholar, Rola is excited to travel abroad, gain business exposure, and serve her community.

  • Annika Szyniec

    Annika Szyniec

    Class of 2025

    Annika is from Arlington Heights, IL and majoring in chemical engineering. She is passionate about world cultures and advances in biotechnology. As a Clark Scholar, Annika is looking forward to exploring the intersection of business and engineering, as well as deepening her education through the informational Clark seminars and industry outreach.

  • Caleb White

    Caleb White

    Class of 2025

    Caleb is from outside Dallas, TX and majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He is passionate about improving aircraft and making them more affordable for travel. Caleb also loves music and learning foreign languages. He is looking forward to taking classes outside of his major and the global experience made possible by the Clark Scholar Program.