Preparing the next generation of leaders in science and technology policy.

Are you ready to apply your skills to real-world problems like energy, sustainability, innovation, health care, information technology, and national security? Join over 175 SEAS students who have already risen to the challenge.

Want to work in the White House and brief the President's Science Advisor? Help the National Institutes of Health or the National Science Foundation make decisions about research funding? Maybe you’re interested in helping developing nations deal with climate change or finding the right policies to promote green energy technologies. Or how about discussing your research on a national television news show?

Our interns have done that. And more.

It starts with a spring course—Science and Technology Policy (STS 3020)—that sharpens your communication skills and introduces you to policy analysis and contemporary issues. We’ll work with you individually to find you a great summer internship with a top science and technology policy leader for a ten-week summer stint in Washington DC. You’ll live in apartments in the heart of DC with your fellow interns, attend speaker programs, and enjoy social and service events together.

Even if you’re not sure you want to work in government or policy, becoming a S&T Policy Intern will give you skills and a unique experience that will be invaluable in any career.

  • Speaker Series

    Each year, the interns engage in a speaker series with a diverse group of science policy leaders such as the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Clerk of the Supreme Court.

  • Ryan Ewalt - PIP Class of 2002

    Ryan Ewalt - PIP Class of 2002

  • Final Presentation

    The summer culminates with a research symposium in the Rayburn House Office Building open to all alumni, student mentors, and distinguished guests.

  • Natalie Exum - PIP Class of 2002

    Natalie Exum - PIP Class of 2002

  • Intern Life

    Interns live together in the heart of Washington, D.C., providing the perfect opportunity for exploring the nation's capital.

  • Josh Fass - PIP Class of 2012

    Josh Fass - PIP Class of 2012

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