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What is the Policy Internship Program?

Engineering has always been at the forefront of innovation and shapes the world from optimizing renewable energy solutions for sustainable living to creating cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems that redefine the way we interact with technology. However, the importance of science and technology in the policy realm is often underappreciated. The Policy Internship Program will help you navigate the intricate interplay between policy decisions and engineering. Students will learn how policy can be the guiding force that shapes the direction of engineering endeavors and in turn how advances in engineering pose challenges to policymakers. The course will prepare you to investigate how science and technology can address societal needs in an ethical manner.


Join over 180 SEAS students who have the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious organizations in Washington DC to contribute to research decisions that shape national policies on healthcare, innovation, sustainability, energy, information technology, and national security, and more. Help developing nations deal with climate change? Find the right policies to promote green technologies? How about enabling more affordable options for medical services in the nation? We welcome you to become part of a dynamic network dedicated to driving positive change through the intersection of policy and engineering.

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UVA 2018 policy interns visit National Science Foundation

The 2018 Policy Internship Program class at the National Science Foundation, one of many sites the group visited over the summer, including the Supreme Court and World Bank.