Ana I. Lorente, PhD

Ana I. Lorente has been conducting research related to injury biomechanics and human body kinematics since 2014, the year that she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Zaragoza, Spain). Prior to her arrival at the Center for Applied Biomechanics, she conducted most of the research at the University of Zaragoza, where she completed her PhD Degree in Biomedical Engineering. She also worked in other institutions in Belgium (KU Leuven), France (ENSAM), and Germany (Univ. Hospital Frankfurt). Most of her research activities have been focused on spine kinematics. Although she conducted some computational analyses (OpenSim), her work has mainly involved experimental analyses with volunteers, Post-Mortem Human Subjects, and dummies.
Ana I. Lorente, PhD


  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering – University of Zaragoza, Spain
  • Master in Biomedical Engineering – University of Zaragoza, Spain
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering – University of Zaragoza, Spain

Research Interests

  • Cervical spine kinematics
  • Orthopedics biomechanics
  • Occupant kinematics
  • Injury biomechanics

Selected Publications

  • Intersegmental Kinematics of the Upper Cervical Spine: Normal Range of Motion and Its Alteration After Alar Ligament Transection. Spine46(24), pp.E1320-E1326, 2021
  • The effect of alar ligament transection on the rotation stress test: A cadaveric study. Clinical Biomechanics80, p.105185, 2020
  • Differences in the kinematics of booster-seated pediatric occupants using two different car seats. Traffic injury prevention19(1), pp.18-22. 2018
  • Analysis of occupant kinematics and dynamics in nearside oblique impacts. Traffic injury prevention17(sup1), pp.86-92, 2016

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Other Interests

  • Ice hockey, tennis, yoga, piano