Computer Engineering Program

The Computer Engineering Program gives students an opportunity to work with some of the top researchers in the country and to participate in new research initiatives.   The Program is jointly administered by the Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science in the School of Engineering at the University of Virginia.  

Offering both undergraduate and graduate education,  a student in Computer Engineering can choose to study with any faculty in the School of Engineering.  Current students are working on research with faculty in the departments of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Systems Engineering, The Program allows faculty from each of the departments to collaborate with one another and to co-advise students in areas which cross traditional curricular lines.   Our students are currently working on crosscutting research in Labs throughout the School of Engineering. 


Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion John Fitzgerald Gates

"At UVA Engineering, we're not pursuing diversity for diversity's sake. We're pursuing strategic diversity, and that is diversity to achieve a strategic goal. Our strategic goal is to be excellent - to be the best Engineering School we can be - so that we can provide excellent service and value to society."

John Fitzgerald Gates, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Lu Feng - Image

"My research helps to design safe, secure, and reliable cyber-physical systems, such as medical devices, autonomous robots, and smart cities."

Lu Feng, Assistant Professor
Kevin Skadron - Image

"Our group's work focuses on how to design microprocessors for speed, energy efficiency, thermal management, and reliability."

Kevin Skadron Harry Douglas, Forsyth Professor and Chair of Computer Science