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Alf Weaver received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in 1976. He joined the University of Virginia in 1977 and is now Professor of Computer Science, Chair of the UVA Faculty Senate, and Founding Director of UVA’s Applied Research Institute, where he is working with projects related to national security. His research group helped develop the Xpress Transport Protocol that became a Military Standard and now operates on ships, helicopters and airplanes.  He has founded five companies, the most successful of which was sold to Comcast.  He was an ACM National Lecturer, gave keynote speeches throughout the world, held the Lucian Carr III endowed chair, is a Fellow of the IEEE, He is a Life Member and past-President of the IEEE Industrial Applications Society.  He has supervised 137 funded research projects, advised 69 Ph.D. and master’s students, and co-authored two books, 14 book chapters, and >170 refereed journal and conference publications.


B.S. ​University of Tennessee, 1971

M.S. ​University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1973

Ph.D. ​​University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1976

Developed the Xpress Transport Protocol that became a Military Standard for the U.S. Navy. Teach eCommerce and entrepreneurship.

Alfred C. Weaver Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests

Electronic Commerce
Computer Networks
3D Printing

Selected Publications

"Crowdsourcing for Emergency Response," Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Las Vega, NV, July 25-28, 2016. Liliya I. Besaleva and Alfred C. Weaver
"Applications of Social Networks and Crowdsourcing for Disaster Management Improvement," IEEE Computer, May 2016. Liliya I. Besaleva and Alfred C. Weaver
"Crowdsourcing for Emergency Response," Academy of Science and Engineering 8th International Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom'15), Stanford University, Stanford, CA, August 18-20, 2015. Liliya I. Besaleva and Alfred C. Weaver
"Social Networks to the Rescue! The Power of Crowdsourced Data in Emergency Response," International Conference on Health Informatics and Medical Systems," Las Vegas, NV, July 27-30, 2015. Liliya I. Besaleva and Alfred C. Weaver
"An Empirical Performance Evaluation of Relational Keyword Search Techniques," IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, vol. 26, issue 1, January 2014, pp. 30-42. Joel Coffman and Alfred C. Weaver
House of Mirrors: Surveillance and Transparency, Routledge Studies in Science, Technology and Society, 2014. Deborah Johnson, Priscilla Regan, Katherine Wesson, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Kent Wayland, Roberto Armongol, and Alfred C. Weaver

Courses Taught

Computer Science 101 - Introduction to C++ Program Design
Computer Science 120 - Introduction to Business Computing
Computer Science 270 - Pascal Programming
Computer Science 352 - Advanced Programming and Data Structures
Computer Science 361 - Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
Computer Science 384 - Microcomputer Laboratory
Computer Science 453 - Electronic Commerce Technologies
Computer Science 454 - Operating Systems
Computer Science 484 - Digital Computer Systems Laboratory
Computer Science 457 - Computer Networks
Computer Science 551 - Electronic Commerce
Computer Science 551 - Federated Trust Systems
Computer Science 551 - Trustworthy Computing
Computer Science 584 - Microcomputer Systems Design
Computer Science 651 - Federated Trust Systems
Computer Science 651 - Trustworthy Computing
Computer Science 656 - Operating Systems
Computer Science 755 - Operating Systems
Computer Science 757 - Computer Networks
Computer Science 851 - Local Area Networks
Computer Science 851 - Advanced Computer Networks
Computer Science 4753 – Electronic Commerce
Computer Science 2190 – Research Seminar
Computer Science 5501 – Electronic Commerce
Computer Science 6190 – Research Seminar
Computer Science 5501 – Special Topics in Computer Science (eCommerce)
Computer Science 6501- Special Topics in Computer Science (eCommerce)
ENGR 390 - Electronic Commerce (Rodman Scholars Seminar Series)


Fellow of the IEEE 1996
IEEE Dr. Ing. Eugene Mittelmann Research Achievement Award 2001
IEEE Anthony J. Hornfeck Service Award 1992

Featured Grants & Projects

Secure Mobile Computing Made a portable device erase its sensitive data when it becomes separated from its owner
Crowdsourcing Use the crowd to locate trouble spots during a natural disaster
Scientometric Analysis Software to scour electronic libraries and locate scientific articles of partcular interest
3D Printing Can we make a 3D printed weapon that an airport scanner cannot detect?