From developing novel treatments for deadly diseases to securing our interconnected world, UVA Engineering knows that creating a better future will require the talents, ideas and ingenuity of excellent researchers.

Focus, collaboration and investment are key words in UVA Engineering's research program.

Our faculty meet annually in research retreats to discuss ways to focus their efforts on important societal challenges where UVA can contribute its unique expertise. This faculty synergy is an outgrowth of UVA Engineering's highly collaborative culture, which has allowed us to make an impact in cross-disciplinary initiatives.

The energy and spirit of innovation also have led to many successful companies established by faculty, students and alumni. The National Venture Capital Association has ranked Charlottesville as the fastest-growing venture capital ecosystem in the United States. And of the nine top venture-capital recipients cited in Charlottesville, five involved UVA Engineering research.

Our research initiatives fall into the following broad areas:

Illimitable Intelligence, Perpetual Energy

From precision medical treatments to systems that thwart cyber attacks and manage climate change, here at UVA, we're engineering a future way of life.