B.S. Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2010M.S. Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2012M.S. System Architecting and Engineering, University of Southern California, 2016Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Southern California, 2017

"I research the intersection of automated/smart systems and human behavior. In order for smart systems to be the most efficient, they need to have an understanding of our behavior and emotions, and must be able to respond to our behavioral changes in real-time."

Arsalan Heydarian, Assistant Professor

Arsalan Heydarian is an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering with a joint appointment in the Department of Systems and Information Engineering. His research broadly focuses on smart design, construction, and operation of intelligent infrastructure with the objective of increasing their sustainability, adaptability, and resilience. By integrating advanced sensing, visualization, and decision making techniques, such infrastructure will be able to automatically monitor, manage, and operate themselves according to certain objectives (e.g., energy efficiency, meeting users’ needs) and/or situational changes (e.g., changes in outside weather, occurrence of extreme events). More specifically, his research will help lay the foundation for the next generation of infrastructure systems that can understand and adapt to dynamic user-behavior and environmental changes.

Research Interests

  • Human-behavior modeling for automated systems
  • Human-robotic collaboration and communication
  • Data-driven visualizations and interactions through mixed reality environments
  • System thinking in the design, construction, and operation of smart facilities
  • Construction automation

Selected Publications

  • "Towards user centered building design: Identifying end-user lighting preferences via immersive virtual environments," Automation in Construction 81: 56-66, 2017 ABS A. Heydarian, E. Pantazis, A. Wang, D. Gerber, B. Becerik-Gerber
  • "Lights, building, action: Impact of default lighting settings on occupant behaviour," Journal of Environmental Psychology 48: 212–223, 2016 ABS A. Heydarian, E. Pantazis, J. P. Carneiro, D.Gerber, B. Becerik-Gerber
  • "Use of immersive virtual environments for occupant behaviour monitoring and data collection," 2016. ABS A. Heydarian, B. Becerik-Gerber
  • "Immersive virtual environments versus physical built environments: A benchmarking study for building design and user-built environment explorations," Automation in Construction 54: 116-126, 2015 ABS A. Heydarian, J. P. Carneiro, D. Gerber, B. Becerik-Gerber, T. Hayes, W. Wood
  • "Vision-based action recognition of earthmoving equipment using spatio-temporal features and support vector machine classifiers," Advanced Engineering Informatics 27: 652-663, 2013. ABS M. Golparvar-Fard, A. Heydarian, J.C. Niebles