Ph.D. Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, 2023B.S. Computer Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2016


Research interests include:

Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Cloud Computing, Software Reliability


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Chang Lou is a tenure-track assistant professor in Department of Computer Science at University of Virginia. His research interests are distributed systems, operating systems, and cloud computing. His work centers on improving system reliability and availability. A major focus is enhancing the capabilities of cloud systems to detect, localize, and respond to complex failures during runtime. He has published multiple works on top system conferences including OSDI, NSDI, and ATC. His contributions received recognition including USENIX NSDI Best Paper Award in 2020 for his work on partial failures. In addition, his research on handling memory leaks in cloud infrastructure has been successfully deployed across millions of servers within Microsoft Azure.


  • The Dennis M. Ritchie Dissertation Award (Honorable Mention) 2023
  • USENIX NSDI Best Paper Award 2020

Research Interests

  • Distributed Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Reliability

Selected Publications

  • Demystifying and Checking Silent Semantic Violations in Large Distributed Systems. OSDI'22 Chang Lou, Yuzhuo Jing, Peng Huang
  • RESIN: A Holistic Service for Dealing with Memory Leaks in Production Cloud Infrastructure. OSDI'22 Chang Lou, Cong Chen, Peng Huang, Yingnong Dang, Si Qin, Xinsheng Yang, Xukun Li, Qingwei Lin, Murali Chintalapati
  • Understanding, Detecting and Localizing Partial Failures in Large System Software. NSDI’20, Best Paper Award Chang Lou, Peng Huang, Scott Smith

Courses Taught

  • CS6501-015: Cloud System Reliability