B.S. ​Computer Science, Georgia Tech, 2008M.S. Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 2011Ph.D. ​Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 2016


Research interests include:

Computer Science Education, Computer Science Systems



Charles Reiss is an Assistant Professor, specializing in computer systems-related topics.

Before joining UVa, he received in PhD from Berkeley, developing systems to analyze memory requirements in analytics systems like Apache Spark.

Selected Publications

  • “Heterogeneity and dynamicity of clouds at scale: Google trace analysis”. In: Third ACM Sympo- sium on Cloud Computing (SoCC). 2012. Charles Reiss, Alexey Tumanov, Gregory R. Ganger, Randy H Katz, and Michael A Kozuch.
  • “Using clouds for MapReduce measurement assignments”. In: ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE) 13.1 (2013) Ariel Rabkin, Charles Reiss, Randy Katz, and David Patterson.

Courses Taught

  • CS 3330 (Computer Architecture) Fall 2016 with Luther Tychonievich; Spring 2017 with Samira Khan; Fall 2017; Spring 2018 with Samira Khan
  • CS 6354 (Graduate Computer Architecture) Fall 2016
  • CS 4630 (Defense Against the Dark Arts) Spring 2017
  • CS 2150 (Program and Data Representation) Spring 2018 with Mark Floryan