Rice 205
​PO Box 400740
​PO Box 400740
Charlottesville, VA 22904


Charles Reiss is an Assistant Professor, specializing in computer systems-related topics.Before joining UVa, he received in PhD from Berkeley, developing systems to analyze memory requirements in analytics systems like Apache Spark.



B.S. ​Computer Science, Georgia Tech, 2008

M.S. Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 2011

Ph.D. ​Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 2016

Research Interests

Computer Science Education
Computer Science Systems

Selected Publications

“Heterogeneity and dynamicity of clouds at scale: Google trace analysis”. In: Third ACM Sympo- sium on Cloud Computing (SoCC). 2012. Charles Reiss, Alexey Tumanov, Gregory R. Ganger, Randy H Katz, and Michael a Kozuch.
“Using clouds for MapReduce measurement assignments”. In: ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE) 13.1 (2013) Ariel Rabkin, Charles Reiss, Randy Katz, and David Patterson.

Courses Taught

CS 3330 (Computer Architecture) Fall 2016 With Luther Tychonievich; Spring 2017 With Samira Khan; Fall 2017; Spring 2018 With Samira Khan
CS 6354 (Graduate Computer Architecture) Fall 2016
CS 4630 (Defense Against the Dark Arts) Spring 2017
CS 2150 (Program and Data Representation) Spring 2018 With Mark Floryan