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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Building, Room 324
122 Engineers Way
Charlottesville, VA 22908
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Prof. Eric Loth serves as the Rolls-Royce Commonwealth Professor of Engineering. He has received honors and awards from NASA and the National Science Foundation while also being named a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and of Cambridge University.  Dr. Loth has given invited talks at Cambridge, Penn, Princeton, Oxford, Harvard, and MIT.  In 2017, his project team was invited to US Congress to discuss their new the $3.7M project on extreme-scale morphing wind turbines.  This ambitious project has received coverage by NBC, Scientific American, Popular Science, Yahoo and MIT Technology Review.


B.S. ​Aerospace Engineering, West Virginia University

M.S. Aerospace Engineering, Pennsylvania State University​

Ph.D. ​Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan

Research Interests

Wind Energy and Energy Storage Systems
Aerospace Propulsion and Aerodynamics
Turbulence, Multiphase Flow, and Fluid-Solid Interaction

Selected Publications

"Fluid Dynamics of Particles, Drops, and Bubbles" textbook from Cambridge University Press, 2023
E. Loth
"Particles in a turbulent gas: Diffusion, bias, modulation and collisions." Progress in Energy and Combustion Science Volume 97, July 2023, 101094 E. Loth
"In-Flight Gas Turbine Engine Icing" AIAA Journal 60 (10), 5610-5632, 2022. E. Tetteh, M.O. Neuteboom, J. Fisher, E. Loth
"A co-design framework for wind energy integrated with storage" Joule 6 (9), 1995-2015, 2022. M.J. Aziz, D.F. Gayme, K. Johnson, J. Knox-Hayes, P. Li, E. Loth, L.Y. Pao
"Super-rated operational concept for increased wind turbine power with energy storage" Energy Conversion and Management: X 14, 100194, 2022.
J.G. Simpson, E. Loth
"Field tests of a highly flexible downwind ultralight rotor to mimic a 13-MW turbine rotor" Conf. Ser. 2265 032031, 2022 J. Phys, E. Loth
"Review of computational methods for aerodynamic analysis of iced lifting surfaces" Progress in Aerospace Sciences 111, 100583, 2019.
S.J. Stebbins, E. Loth, A.P. Broeren, M. Potapczuk

Courses Taught

Wind Energy Fall 2023