B.S. ​California Institute of Technology, 2008Ph.D. ​Stanford University, 2013Post-Doc ​Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013-2016

"Studying the fundamental processes (thermodynamic, kinetic, mechanical and optical) that lead to controlled organic molecule morphologies."

Gaurav Giri, Assistant Professor

Prof. Giri graduated from Chemical Engineering at Stanford University, working on the crystallization control of organic semiconductors for flexible electronic applications. His postdoctoral work focused on the use of microfluidics and continuous flow processing for pharmaceutical industry. The Giri research group is focused on studying the fundamental processes (thermodynamic, kinetic, mechanical and optical) that lead to different organic molecule and metal organic framework morphologies, and utilizing this knowledge to create innovative methods of controlling microstructure and phase for pharmaceutical and energy applications. Microfluidics and X-ray diffraction analysis methods feature strongly in our program to study organic molecule packing and morphology.


  • Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source – Graduate Student Award 2015
  • SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory – Melvin P. Klein Scientific Development Award 2013
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company – 6 th Outstanding Student Research Gold Award 2012
  • American Chemical Society (ACS) Akzonobel Student Award Finalist 2012
  • Materials Research Society (MRS) Gold Graduate Student Award 2012
  • Graduated with Honors from Caltech. 2008
  • William N. Lacey SURF Scholar 2007
  • Dale Austin Scholarship 2006, 07

Research Interests

  • Materials and Advanced Manufacturing for Biological Applications
  • Drug Delivery
  • Optoelectronic Devices
  • Materials Characterization
  • Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing
  • Solar Power
  • Battery/Fuel Cell Technologies/Energy Harvesting

Selected Publications

  • “Large Area Formation of Self-Aligned Crystalline Domains of Organic Semiconductors Directly on Transistor Channels using CONNECT.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (18): 5561-5566. Giri, G., Park, S., Pitner, G., Shaw, L., Ha, J., Koo, J., Park, J., Nam, J., Hong, Y., and Bao, Z. (2015)
  • "Effect of Solution Shearing Method on Packing and Disorder of Organic Semiconductor Polymers." Chemistry of Materials 27 (7): 2350-2359. Giri, G., DeLongchamp, D. M., Reinspach, J., Fischer, D. A., Richter, L.J., Xu, J., Benight, S., Ayzner, A., Fang, L., Xue, G., Toney, M. F., and Bao, Z. (2015)
  • "One-Dimensional Self-Confinement Promotes Polymorph Selection in Large Area Organic Semiconductor Thin Films." Nature Communications. 5, 3573. Giri, G., Li, R., Smilgies, D.M., Li, E.Q., Diao, Y., Lenn, K.M., Chiu, M., Lin, D.W., Allen, R., Reinspach, J., Mannsfeld, S.C.B., Thoroddsen, S.T., Clancy, P., Bao, Z. and Amassian, A. (2014)
  • "High Mobility, Aligned, Crystalline Domains of TIPS-pentacene with Strained Lattice through Lateral Confinement of Crystal Growth." Advanced Materials 26 (3): 487-493. Giri, G., Park, S., Vosgueritchian, M., Shulaker, M.M. and Bao, Z.
  • "Tuning Charge Transport in Solution-sheared Organic Semiconductors using Lattice Strain." Nature 480 (7378): 504-508. Giri, G., Verploegen, E., Mannsfeld, S.C.B., Atahan-Evernk, S., Kim, D.H., Lee, S.Y., Becerril, H.A., Aspuru-Guzik, A., Toney, M.F. and Bao, Z. (2011).
  • "Solution-processed Ultra-High Mobility Transparent Organic Thin Film Transistors with a Meta-stable Semiconductor Channel." Nature Communications¸ 5, 3005. Yuan, Y., Giri, G., Ayzner, A., Zoombelt, A.P., Mannsfeld, S.C.B., Chen, J., Huang, J. and Bao, Z. (2014)
  • "Printing Highly Aligned, Large Single-crystalline Domain Organic Semiconductors." Nature Materials, 12 : 665-671. Diao, Y., Tee, B.C.K., Giri, G., Xu, J., Becerril, H.A., Stoltenberg, R.S., Lee, T.H., Xue, G., Mannsfeld, S.C.B. and Bao, Z. (2013)
  • "Selective Solution Shearing Deposition of High Performance TIPS-Pentacene Polymorphs Through Chemical Patterning." Journal of Material Science 29 (22), 2615-2624. Giri, G., Miller, E., and Bao, Z. (2014)
  • "Toward High-Mobility Organic Field-Effect Transistors: Control of Molecular Packing and Large-Area Fabrication of Single-Crystal Based Devices." MRS Bulletin. 38 (01): 34-42. 2013. Giri, G., Li, H., Tok, J. and Bao, Z. (2013)

Courses Taught

  • ChE2216: Modeling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering