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Heze Chen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics. He received his BS in Civil Engineering from Zhejiang University of Technology in 2016 and subsequently worked on construction projects. In 2017, he joined the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Virginia as a graduate student, where he obtained both his MS and PhD degrees in Structural Engineering.

Growing up on the east coast of China, Heze now lives in Charlottesville with his wife and a cat named Nunu and a dog named Willump. His academic journey has fostered his strong commitment to teaching and learning.


Ph.D. Civil engineering, University of Virginia, 2023

M.S. Civil engineering, Univeristy of Virginia, 2019

B.S. Civil engineering, Zhejiang Univerisity of Technology, 2016

"Everything can be explained by simple but aesthetic principles which are the inner beauty of mother nature."

Heze Chen Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics

Selected Publications

"Parametric finite-volume method for Saint Venants torsion of arbitrarily shaped cross sections." Composite Structures. 256, 113052. Chen, H., Gomez, J., & Pindera, M. J. (2021).
Saint Venants Torsion of Homogeneous and Composite Bars by the Finite Volume Method. Composite Structures. 242, 112128. Chen, H., Gomez, J., & Pindera, M. J. (2020).

Courses Taught

CE 5340: Advanced Topics in Structural Engineering Fall 2021
APMA 2120: Multivariable Calculus Fall 2023
APMA 3150: From Data to Knowledge Fall 2023