Ph.D. ​University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2012M.S. ​​University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2008

"The mathematical tools and expertise developed are essential to the professional development of the future engineer and applied scientist."

Hui Ma, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics

Hui Ma received her Ph.D. in Applied mathematics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2012. Before joining UVA, she was an assistant professor at Black Hills State University for two years. In her current role at the applied mathematics program, she teaches applied math courses to engineering students. Her goals in teaching are to help students develop confidence in their own ability to do mathematics and to make mathematics a joyful and successful experience.


  • All-University Teaching Award 2023
  • Education Innovation Award 2022
  • Honored by the University of Virginia’s Trigon Engineering Society as a finalist for the Thomas E. Hutchinson Award “For contributions to students of the engineering school.” 2017
  • Education Innovation Award 2017
  • Education Innovation Award 2016

Selected Publications

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