Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015B.S. University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2005


Research interests include:

Computer Networks, Network Measurement, Network Security, Programmable Networks, Software-Defined Networking


Hyojoon Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. He received his Ph.D. and Master's degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. He received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. His research area includes network measurement, network security, programmable networks, and distributed systems.

Research Interests

  • Computer Networks
  • Network Measurement
  • Network Security
  • Programmable Networks
  • Software-Defined Networking

Selected Publications

  • RAVEN: Stateless Rapid IP Address Variation for Enterprise. The 23rd Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium 2023. ABS L. Wang, H. Kim, P. Mittal, J. Rexford
  • Continuous In-network Round-trip Time Monitoring. ACM SIGCOMM 2022. ABS S. Sengupta, H. Kim, J. Rexford
  • Enabling Passive Measurement of Zoom Performance in Production Networks. ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2022. ABS O. Michel, S. Sengupta, H. Kim, R. Netravali, J. Rexford
  • Experience-Driven Research on Programmable Networks. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communications Review (CCR) 2021. ABS H. Kim, X. Chen, J. Brassil, J. Rexford
  • Kinetic: Verifiable Dynamic Network Control. USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI) 2015. ABS H. Kim, J. Reich, A. Gupta, M. Shahbaz, N. Feamster, R. Clark
  • Improving Network Management with Software Defined Networking. IEEE Communications Magazine Volume 51 Issue 2, 2013. ABS H. Kim, N. Feamster