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Jesse Pappas is Assistant Professor of Engineering and Society in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. As one of the only social psychologists in the U.S. with a full-time appointment in engineering, he works at the crossroads of individual experience and technological (e.g., educational) systems to cultivate human potential and keep technology where it belongs, working for us. In the engineering classroom, Jesse strives to demonstrate the capacity for dedicated ethical practice to catalyze professional harmony as well as personal fulfillment. Following grad school, an aversion to research cultures that prioritize theory in a vacuum over impact on the street propelled Jesse into the world of community development, where he worked and taught in Central America, India, and Appalachia for six years. These days, the ongoing socialization of professional engineering guides Jesse‚Äôs motivation-based work in applied ethics, organizational culture, and interactive potential. His research has been published in journals like Social Psychology Quarterly, Journal of Personality, and Journal of Cleaner Production. He is also a part-time entrepreneur, serving as Co-founder and Chief Data Officer (emeritus) at The Lupulin Exchange, the industry-leading online hops marketplace that powers the North American craft brewing industry. Jesse lives in Crozet, Virginia with his wife Kristen, and sons Max and JJ.


Ph.D. Social Psychology, University of Virginia, 2012

M.A. Psychological Science, James Madison University, 2006

B.S. Psychology, Virginia Tech, 1998

Selected Publications

Social Emotional Learning in STEM Higher Education, Exploring Social Emotional Learning in Diverse Academic Settings, 2023. H. Ajao, A. Yeaman, R. Rahimi, J. Pappas
Engineering education meets organizational science: Toward best practices for organizational change, Frontiers in Education Annual Conference, 2022. J. Pappas, O. Pierrakos
Inhibition of growth and ammonia production of ruminal hyper ammonia-producing bacteria by Chinook or Galena hops after long-term storage, Fermentation, 2017. J. Pappas, M. Flythe, B. Harlow, G. Aiken, G. Gellin, I. Kagan
The sustainable personality: Values and behaviors in individual sustainability, International Journal of Higher Education, 2015. J. Pappas, E. Pappas
Walking the walk: Conceptual foundations of the Sustainable Personality, 2014. J. Pappas, E. Pappas, D. Sweeney
The interpersonal basis of stereotype relevant self-views, 2009. J. Pappas, S. Sinclair, J. Lun
The affective regulation of social interaction, Social Psychology Quarterly, 2007. J. Pappas, G. Clore

Courses Taught

STS 2600 Engineering Ethics

Featured Grants & Projects

Developing Measures of Change for Character and Ethics Templeton Religion Trust planning grant (Co-director)