B.E. ​Cooper Union, 2006​Ph.D. Cornell University, 2012Post-Doc ​Columbia University, 2012 - 2014

"Our research enables development of novel hybrid organic-inorganic materials with tailored properties for next generation optoelectronic devices."

Joshua J. Choi, Associate Professor

Joshua J. Choi received B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Cooper Union and Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Cornell University. He then performed postdoctoral research at the Department of Chemistry, Columbia University. He joined the faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia in August, 2014. He is a recipient of a NASA Early Career Faculty Award (2015).


At the nanoscale, quantum mechanical effects and various other mechanisms cause the properties of semiconductors to strongly depend on the size, shape and surface of the material. For example, when the size of a semiconductor crystal becomes smaller than the size of electronic wave function (typically few to tens of nanometers in semiconductors), manipulating the spatial extension of the carrier wave function becomes possible simply by changing the size of the crystal. This 'wave function engineering' gives rise to intriguing cases where, depending on the size of the crystal, semiconductors with the identical composition can have drastically different band gaps, carrier-carrier Coulomb interaction strengths and excited state dynamics. In addition to the size-tunability, properties of semiconductor nanomaterials can be manipulated by forming hetero-nanostructures with other semiconductors, metals and organic molecules as well as tuning their collective interactions within their assemblies. This extremely wide tunability in properties of semiconductor nanomaterials presents many intriguing scientific questions and unique opportunities for transformative advances in technological applications. 

Currently, our research group is focused on studying metal-organic perovskites and colloidal quantum dots - both material systems exhibit intriguing properties tunable by design while looking set to revolutionize the field of solution processed optoelectronic devices. We are developing novel and advanced synthetic methods to achieve robust heterostructure formation, surface structure and impurity doping. We seek to understand and control the structure-property relationships in these materials. To this end, we employ a wide variety of techniques, including synchrotron based X-ray diffraction methods, to study their structure and self-assembly behavior from atomic to macroscopic length scales. We also employ optical spectroscopy and electrical transport measurement techniques to examine properties of the materials as functions of their structure. Newly obtained insights are applied to fabrication and testing of prototype devices to demonstrate improved performance. Particularly, our efforts will be focused on solution processing based device fabrication methods to simultaneously achieve a low-cost and high performance required for wide spread commercial deployment.


  • NASA Early Career Faculty Award 2015
  • VSGC New Investigator Award 2015

Research Interests

  • Materials Chemistry
  • Optoelectronic Devices
  • Solar Power
  • Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing
  • Nanoelectronics and 2-D Materials

Selected Publications

  • "The impact of cation and anion pairing in ionic salts on surface defect passivation in cesium lead bromide nanocrystals" Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9, 991-999 (2021) ABS Lucy U Yoon, Matthew R Alpert, Hongxi Luo, Michael I Schapowal, Eric N Holmgren, Geoffrey M Geise, Christopher Paolucci, Joshua J Choi
  • "A new metric to control nucleation and grain size distribution in hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites by tuning the dielectric constant of the antisolvent" Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9. 3668 - 3676 (2021) ABS Blaire A Sorenson†, Lucy U Yoon†, Eric Holmgren, Joshua J Choi, Paulette Clancy (†co-first authors)
  • "Relationship between the Nature of Monovalent Cations and Charge Recombination in Metal Halide Perovskites" ACS Applied Energy Materials, 3, 1298-1304 (2020) ABS Katelyn A Dagnall, Benjamin J Foley, Shelby A Cuthriell, Matthew R Alpert, Xiaoyu Deng, Alexander Z Chen, Zeming Sun, Mool C Gupta, Kai Xiao, Seung-Hun Lee, Ying-Zhong Ma, Joshua J Choi
  • “Understanding the formation of vertical orientation in two-dimensional metal halide perovskite thin films” Chemistry of Materials, 31, 1336-1343 (2019) ABS Alexander Z Chen, Michelle Shiu, Xiaoyu Deng, Mustafa Mahmoud, Depei Zhang, Benjamin J Foley, Seung-Hun Lee, Gaurav Giri, Joshua J Choi
  • "Impact of Crystallographic Orientation Disorders on Electronic Heterogeneities in Metal Halide Perovskite Thin Films", Nano Letters, 18, 6271-6278 (2018) ABS Benjamin J Foley, Shelby Cuthriell, Sina Yazdi, Alexander Z Chen, Stephanie M Guthrie, Xiaoyu Deng, Gaurav Giri, Seung-Hun Lee, Kai Xiao, Benjamin Doughty, Ying-Zhong Ma, Joshua J Choi
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  • "Room Temperature Processing of TiOx Electron Transporting Layer for Perovskite Solar Cells" The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8, 3206–3210 (2017) ABS X. Deng, G. C. Wilkes, A. Z. Chen, N. S. Prasad, M. C. Gupta*, and J. J. Choi*
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