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Kory Burns is an incoming Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering starting Summer 2024. After obtaining a B.S. in Chemistry from Valdosta State University in 2017, he completed an M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering in 2020 and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering in 2022, both from the University of Florida. He is currently conducting research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a Research Scientist from 2022 – 2024.

Lab overview

The Burns Lab, also known as the BEAM (Burns' Electronic and Advanced Materials) lab focuses on using ion, photon, and electron beams to modify the surface geometry of advanced materials. Specifically, the BEAM lab is interested in using ion beam modification of nanostructured materials to manipulate atomic configurations, machine learning for high throughput analysis, monochromated electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) to examine infrared excitations in functional materials, and in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM)  to simulate harsh environmental conditions and push materials far from equilibrium conditions.


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, 2022

M.S. Materials Science and Engineering (Nuclear Engineering Program) University of Florida, 2020

B.S. Chemistry, Valdosta State University, 2017

Our group aims to bridge the antithetical fields of synthetic inorganic chemistry and radiation materials science! The task is "simple," use energetic particles to modify the structure of a material one atom at a time.

Kory Burns Inspired by Prof. Richard Feynman

Research Interests

Optical Excitations in Transmission Electron Microscopy Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy, Electron Energy Gain Spectroscopy, Cathodoluminescence
Radiation-solid Interactions Ion-solid interactions, light-matter interactions, electron-matter interactions
In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Coupled Extremes, Data-driven Approaches
Advanced Characterization of Quantum Nanophotonic Systems Low-temperature Luminescence, Boson-coupling

Selected Publications

Deep learning-enabled probing of irradiation-induced defects in time-series micrographs (2024) Kory Burns, Kayvon Tadj, Tarun Allaparti, Liliana Arias, Nan Li, Assel Aitkaliyeva, Amit Misra, Mary C Scott, Khalid Hattar
APL Machine Learning
Photonics in Multimaterial Lateral Heterostructures Combining Group IV Chalcogenide van der Waals Semiconductors (2023) Eli Sutter, Kim Kisslinger, Raymond R Unocic, Kory Burns, Jordan Hachtel, Peter Sutter
Tailoring the Angular Mismatch in MoS2 Homobilayers through Deformation Fields (2023) Kory Burns, Anne Marie Z Tan, Jordan A Hachtel, Anikeya Aditya, Nitish Baradwaj, Ankit Mishra, Thomas Linker, Aiichiro Nakano, Rajiv Kalia, Eric J Lang, Ryan Schoell, Richard G Hennig, Khalid Hattar, Assel Aitkaliyeva
Non‐Linear Optics at Twist Interfaces in h‐BN/SiC Heterostructures (2023) Abhijit Biswas, Rui Xu, Gustavo A Alvarez, Jin Zhang, Joyce Christiansen‐Salameh, Anand B Puthirath, Kory Burns, Jordan A Hachtel, Tao Li, Sathvik Ajay Iyengar, Tia Gray, Chenxi Li, Xiang Zhang, Harikishan Kannan, Jacob Elkins, Pulickel Ajayan
Advanced Materials
The complex structural and chemical nature of monolithic U-10Mo fuel and Zr barrier layer (2023) CM Barr, Eric Lang, K Burns, P Price, Brandon D Miller, DD Keiser, Assel Aitkaliyeva, K Hattar
Journal of Nuclear Materials

Courses Taught

MSE 6120 Materials Characterization


New Investigator Award NASA's Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) New Investigator Award
4-VA Collaborative Research Award Research award through University of Virginia and Virginia Tech
NAYGN Scholar Award North American Young Generation in Nuclear Award