B.S. ​Biological Engineering, Cornell University, 2003M.S. ​Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2004Ph.D. ​Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2007

"I strive to make water and energy systems less impactful on each other and the global climate."

Lisa Colosi Peterson, Associate Professor

Lisa Colosi-Peterson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment and founding co-director of the UVA Life Cycle Assessment Lab. Her work focuses on finding synergistic means of delivering clean water and energy. Her group uses a combination of bench-scale experiments and systems modeling to provide meaningful, policy-relevant results. She has produced more than 40 peer-reviewed publications, accounting for more than 2400 citations (h-index = 19). She serves as Associate Editor for the ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering. She holds an MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan and a BS in Biological Engineering from Cornell University. 

Research Interests

  • Climate Change
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment

Selected Publications

  • Is hydrothermal treatment coupled with carbon capture and storage an energy-producing negative emissions technology? Energy Conversion and Management 203, 112252; ABS F Cheng, M Porter, LM Colosi (2020)
  • Water–energy sustainability synergies and health benefits as means to motivate potable reuse of coalbed methane-produced waters. Ambio, 1-17; ABS U Singh, LM Colosi (2018)
  • Evaluating the water quality impacts of hydrothermal liquefaction: Assessment of carbon, nitrogen, and energy recovery. Bioresource Technology Reports 2, 115-120; ABS SK Bauer, CF Reynolds, S Peng, LM Colosi (2018)
  • Evaluating the efficacy of an algae-based treatment to mitigate elicitation of antibiotic resistance. Chemosphere 237, 124421; ABS K Grimes, LJ Dunphy, EM Loudermilk, AJ Melara, GL Kolling, JA Papin, LM Colosi (2019)
  • Evaluating removal of steroid estrogens by a model alga as a possible sustainability benefit of hypothetical integrated algae cultivation and wastewater treatment systems. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2 (11), 2544-2553; ABS Y Zhang, MY Habteselassie, EP Resurreccion, V Mantripragada, S Peng, S Bauer, LM Colosi (2014)
  • Environmental impacts of algae-derived biodiesel and bioelectricity for transportation. Environmental Science & Technology 45 (17), 7554-7560 ABS AF Clarens, H Nassau, EP Resurreccion, MA White, LM Colosi (2011)
  • Environmental life cycle comparison of algae to other bioenergy feedstocks. Environmental Science & Technology. 44 (5), 1813-1819; ABS AF Clarens, EP Resurreccion, MA White, LM Colosi (2010)

Courses Taught

  • CE 4160/6260, Environmetnal Microbiology & Biological Waste Treatment
  • CE 6030, Green Engineering
  • ENGR 1624, Introduction to Engineering