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Lisa Colosi Peterson is a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and founding co-director of the UVA Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Lab. Her work focuses on systems-based approaches to delivering clean water and low-carbon energy. Her group uses a combination of bench-scale experiments and modeling, such as LCA and techno-economic analsyis (TEA). She has produced more than 60 peer-reviewed publications (h-index = 27). She serves as Associate Editor for the ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering. She holds an MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan and a BS in Biological Engineering from Cornell University. 





B.S. ​Biological Engineering, Cornell University, 2003

M.S. ​Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2004

Ph.D. ​Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2007

"I strive to make water and energy systems less impactful on each other and the global climate."


Research Interests

Climate Change
Energy Sustainability
Life Cycle Assessment
Water and Wastewater Treatment

Selected Publications

Is hydrothermal treatment coupled with carbon capture and storage an energy-producing negative emissions technology? Energy Conversion and Management 203, 112252; F CHENG, M PORTER, LM COLOSI (2020)
Water–energy sustainability synergies and health benefits as means to motivate potable reuse of coalbed methane-produced waters. Ambio, 1-17; U SINGH, LM COLOSI (2018)
Evaluating the water quality impacts of hydrothermal liquefaction: Assessment of carbon, nitrogen, and energy recovery. Bioresource Technology Reports 2, 115-120; SK BAUER, CF REYNOLDS, S PENG, LM COLOSI (2018)
Evaluating the efficacy of an algae-based treatment to mitigate elicitation of antibiotic resistance. Chemosphere 237, 124421; K GRIMES, LJ DUNPHY, EM LOUDERMILK, AJ MELARA, GL KOLLING, JA PAPIN, LM COLOSI (2019)
Evaluating removal of steroid estrogens by a model alga as a possible sustainability benefit of hypothetical integrated algae cultivation and wastewater treatment systems. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2 (11), 2544-2553; Y ZHANG, MY HABTESELASSIE, EP RESURRECCION, V MANTRIPRAGADA, S PENG, S BAUER, LM COLOSI (2014)

Courses Taught

CE 4160/6260, Environmetnal Microbiology & Biological Waste Treatment
CE 6030, Green Engineering
ENGR 1624, Introduction to Engineering