B.S. ​Biological Engineering, Cornell University, 2003M.S. ​Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2004Ph.D. ​Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2007

"I strive to make water and energy systems more sustainable and less impactful on each other."

Lisa Colosi Peterson, Associate Professor

Lisa Colosi Peterson is an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and co-director of the UVA Life Cycle Assessment Lab. Her work focuses on elucidating synergistic means of delivering clean water and clean energy, with an emphasis on energy-efficient removal of unregulated “emerging contaminants” in municipal and industrial wastewaters. Her group uses a combination of bench-scale experiments and systems modeling to provide meaningful, policy-relevant results. She has produced more than 35 peer-reviewed publications, accounting for more than 1500 citations (h-index = 15). She serves as CEE’s Director of Graduate Studies. She holds an MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan and a BS in Biological Engineering from Cornell University. 

Research Interests

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Life Cycle Assessment

Selected Publications

  • Reevaluation of the global warming impacts of algae-derived biofuels to account for possible contributions of nitrous oxide. Bioresource Technology 218, 196-201; ABS SK Bauer, LS Grotz, EB Connelly, LM Colosi (2016)
  • Environmental life cycle comparison of algae to other bioenergy feedstocks. Environmental science & technology. 44 (5), 1813-1819; ABS AF Clarens, EP Resurreccion, MA White, LM Colosi (2010)
  • Environmental impacts of algae-derived biodiesel and bioelectricity for transportation. Environmental science & technology 45 (17), 7554-7560 ABS AF Clarens, H Nassau, EP Resurreccion, MA White, LM Colosi (2011)
  • Assessing the energy and environmental performance of algae-mediated tertiary treatment of estrogenic compounds. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 17 (2), 421-428; ABS LM Colosi, EP Resurreccion, Y Zhang (2015)
  • Evaluating removal of steroid estrogens by a model alga as a possible sustainability benefit of hypothetical integrated algae cultivation and wastewater treatment systems. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2 (11), 2544-2553; ABS Y Zhang, MY Habteselassie, EP Resurreccion, V Mantripragada, S Peng, S Bauer, LM Colosi (2014)
  • Environmental and economic assessment of integrated systems for dairy manure treatment coupled with algae bioenergy production. Bioresource technology 130, 486-494; ABS Y Zhang, MA White, LM Colosi (2013)