B.S. Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2010M.S. Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2012Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, 2019

"I use interdisciplinary and systems-based approaches to study complex human-nature systems for the benefit of society and policy making."


Research Interests

  • Climate Risk Management
  • Water Resources Management
  • Coupled Human-Nature Systems
  • Forecast-informed Decision Making
  • Food-Energy-Water Nexus

Selected Publications

  • Socio-hydrology: A new understanding to unite or a new science to divide. Water, 12 ABS K. Madani and M. Shafiee-Jood (2020)
  • Hierarchical decision modeling framework to meet environmental objectives in biofuel development. J. Water Resources Planning and Management, 144 ABS M. Shafiee-Jood, M. Housh and X. Cai (2018)
  • Understanding and managing FEW nexus: Opportunities for water resources research. Advances in Water Resources, 111 ABS X. Cai, K. Wallington, M. Shafiee-Jood and L. Marston (2018)
  • Reducing food loss and waste to enhance food security and environmental sustainability. Environmental Science & Technology, 50 ABS M. Shafiee-Jood, and X. Cai (2016)
  • Assessing the value of seasonal climate forecast information through an end-to-end forecasting framework: Application to U.S. 2012 drought In Central Illinois. Water Resources Research, 50 ABS M. Shafiee-Jood, X. Cai, L. Chen, X. Liang and P. Kumar (2014)