B.S. ​Electrical Engineering, Tehran University, 1964M.S. ​Electrical Engineering, MIT, 1968Ph.D. ​Electrical Engineering, MIT, December 1970Post-Doc ​MIT Lincoln Laboratories, December 1970 - August 1971

"It is to help undergraduate students grasp important concepts in Applied Math so that they succeed in their higher level courses relying on such concepts."

Manouchehr (Mike) Mohajeri, Lecturer

As an adjunct faculty member, I teach two to three sections of multivariate calculus each semester. My goal is to ensure my undergraduate students have the foundational applied math skills that they will need as they reach their third- and fourth-year engineering courses, and later as practicing engineers. I am proud that student evaluations of my teaching are rated highly among UVA Engineering faculty.

Courses Taught

  • Multivariate Calculus