Albert Small Building Room 112B
156 Engineer’s Way
Charlottesville, VA 22904


Dr. Li got her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M University at Collage Station in 2017. Her research involves numerical computation, optimization, nonlinear analysis, and STEM Education.


Ph.D. ​ Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 2017

Selected Publications

Developing Active Learning of Linear Algebra in Engineering by Incorporating MATLAB and Autograder. (2023, JUNE), 2023 ASEE ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EXPOSITION LI, M.
Local min-orthogonal principle and its applications for solving multiple solution problems. Special Issue 02 (2023), PP. 175–192. LI, M., JI, B., ZHOU, J., EJDE
Finding Gateaux-Saddles by a Local Minimax Method. NFAO, 38 (2017) 205-223 M. LI AND J.ZHOU

Courses Taught

APMA 1000 Preparation for Engineering Mathematics
APMA 1110 Single Variable Calculus II
MATH 1210 A Survey of Calculus I
APMA 2120 Multivariable Calculus
APMA 2130 Ordinary Differential Equations
APMA 3080 Linear Algebra
APMA 3501 Computational Linear Algebra
APMA 3100 Probability
APMA 3150 From Data to Knowledge
APMA 6430 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
MAE 6430 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists


"ONE INDIVIDUAL who helped students the most with their career development" in years 2022 & 2023, honored by UVA's Career Center 2022, 2023
Thomas E. Hutchinson Award finalist for contributions to students of the Engineering School. 2020
Educational Innovation Award 2019