B.S. ​Sharif University, 2004M.S. ​Princeton, 2007Ph.D. ​Princeton, 2010Post-Doc ​Cornell, 2010-2013

"I study the (unproved) mathematical assumptions behind the security of cryptographic systems. A major goal is to know how much such assumptions could be weakened. "

Mohammad Mahmoody, Assistant Professor


Research interests include:

Cryptography, Computational Complexity, Algorithms



Mahmoody started his undergraduate studies in Sharif University's computer Engineering department in 2000. He started his PhD in Princeton in 2005 and after that in 2010 joined Cornell as a postdoctoral associate. In 2013 he joined University of Virginia as an assistant professor. In 2014 he received NSF Career Award to work on "Separations in Cryptograhy".


  • NSF CAREER 2014
  • Wu Prize for Excellence 2009

Research Interests

  • Cryptography
  • Computational Complexity
  • Algorithms

Selected Publications

  • Blockwise p-Tampering Attacks on Cryptographic Primitives, Extractors, and Learners. TCC 2017 Saeed Mahloujifar, Mohammad Mahmoody
  • When does Functional Encryption Imply Obfuscation? TCC 2017 Sanjam Garg, Mohammad Mahmoody, Ameer Mohammed
  • Lower Bounds on Obfuscation from All-or-Nothing Encryption Primitives, Crypto 2017 Sanjam Garg, Mohammad Mahmoody, Ameer Mohammed
  • On the Power of Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption. Eurocrypt, 2016. Mohammad Mahmoody, Ameer Mohammed.
  • On the Impossibility of Virtual Black-Box Obfuscation in Idealized Models. TCC 2016-A Mohammad Mahmoody, Ameer Mohammed and Soheil Nematihaji.
  • On the Impossibility of Cryptography with Tamperable Randomness. International Cryptography Conference (Crypto) 2014. Invited to Algorithmica Journal. Mohammad Mahmoody, Per Austrin, Kai-Min Chung, Rafael Pass, and Karn Seth.
  • Merkle Puzzles are Optimal. International Cryptography Conference (Crypto) 2009. Invited to Journal of Cryptology. Mohammad Mahmoody, Boaz Barak.

Courses Taught

  • Computational Complexity (Undergrad) Spring 2014
  • Cryptography (Grad) Fall 2014
  • Topics in Cryptography [Seminar] (Grad and Undergrad) Spring 2015
  • Algortihms (Grad) Fall 2015
  • Foundations of Cryptography (Undergrad) Fall 2016
  • Theory of Computation (Grad) Spring 2017
  • Discrete Mathematics (Undergrad) Fall 2017