B.S. Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Frankfurt am Main, GermanyM.S. in Mathematics, University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1993

"I read somewhere that mathematics is to an engineer what anatomy is to a surgeon, a solid foundation - but it should be rewarding in itself."

Monika Abramenko, Lecturer

I received the 'Diplom' in mathematics and computer science from the University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 1993. My first job was as a program developer in the accounting department of a bank. In 2001 we moved to the United States and in 2005 I taught my first class at UVa, Financial Math, which I still teach every summer. In 2009 I joined the Engineering School as a full-time lecturer.


  • Recognition by the Society of P.R.I. for “unwavering dedication to students’ wellbeing and academic success” 2022
  • Nucleus Grant from the Center for Teaching Excellence 2015

Courses Taught

  • APMA 1110: Calculus II Spring and Fall
  • APMA 3080: Linear Algebra Spring and Fall
  • MATH 1140: Financial Math Summer