​Center for Applied Biomechanics
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Dr. Salzar has over 25 years of experience in the field of engineering mechanics, with the last 13 years focusing on injury biomechanics.  After a two year post-doctoral NRC appointment with the NASA-Glenn Research Center researching advanced aerospace composite materials, Dr. Salzar won appointment as an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the City University of New York.  His present appointment as Principal Scientist at the Center for Applied Biomechanics at the University of Virginia has focused on the cause and prevention of both automotive and high-loading rate military injuries.  Recent topics of research include review of the JTAPIC injury database for relevant military injuries, under-body blast biomechanics including PMHS testing and development of response and injury corridors for WIAMan Underbody Blast Manikin development, and detailed thoracic compliance modeling.  Dr. Salzar currently has over 50 refereed journal articles and over 100 conference publications in the fields of biomechanics and applied mechanics. Dr. Salzar won the University of Virginia MAE Research Scientist of the Year award in 2016.