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My research aims to build dependable systems through domain-specific analysis techniques. My teaching focuses on instilling cost-effective software development principles. I am a founding member of the LESS Lab.  

I am the recipient of an NSF Career Award, an IBM Innovation Award, a Google Faculty Research Award, an FSE Test of Time Award, and 5 ACM SigSoft Distinguished Paper Awards (FSE2006, ICSE2008, ICSE2012, ISSTA2013, ICSE2016), mostly for empirically studying program analysis and software testing challenges, and developing automated techniques for addressing them. My current development and analysis work is focused on robotic systems.

I served as Program Co-Chair of the 2015 International Conference on Software Engineering, Program Chair for the 2007 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, Program Co-Chair for the 2008 Empirical Software Engineering Symposium, Co-Editor for the Information and Software Technology Journal, and as Associate Editor of the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodologies Journal. I was the Steering Committee Chair for ICSE. I was recognized as a Distinguished Scientist by the Association for Computing Machinery for my contributions to computing.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Idaho, and a Systems Engineering degree from Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, Argentina. I spent a significant part of my academic career at the University of Nebraska, where I co-founded two international recognized labs, the E2 Software Engineering Lab and the Nimbus Robotics Lab. I have spent my sabbaticals as a research scientist or research fellow at Google (Mountain View, USA), CNR (Pisa, Italy), and UCL (London, UK).

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Research Interests

Software Engineering and Autonomous Systems

Selected Publications

Systematic Generation of Diverse Benchmarks for DNN Verification. CAV (1) 2020: 97-121 Dong Xu, David Shriver, Matthew B. Dwyer, Sebastian G. Elbaum
Towards In-Flight Transfer of Payloads Between Multirotors. IEEE Robotics Autom. Lett. 5(4): 6201-6208 (2020) Ajay Shankar, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Carrick Detweiler
Feasible and stressful trajectory generation for mobile robots. ISSTA 2020: 349-362 Carl Hildebrandt, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Nicola Bezzo, Matthew B. Dwyer
Model-Agnostic and Efficient Exploration of Numerical State Space of Real-World TCP Congestion Control Implementations. NSDI 2019: 719-734 Wei Sun, Lisong Xu, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Di Zhao
Redefining Prioritization: Continuous Prioritization for Continuous Integration," International Conference in Software Engineering, May 2018 J. Liang, S. Elbaum, and G. Rothermel

Courses Taught

My teaching focuses on instilling cost-effective software development principles. I have recently taught Software Engineering, Program Analysis, Software Engineering for Robotics.


IROS Best Paper Award 2018
Best Demo Award ISSTA 2017
ACM Distinguished Paper Awards: ICSE 2016, ISSTA 2013, ICSE 2012, ICSE 2008, FSE 2006 2016
ACM Distinguished Scientist 2012
Google Faculty Research Award 2012
IBM Eclipse Innovation Award 2006
Distinguished Visitor, Universidad Catolica de Cordoba 2007
Academic Fellowship, University College London 2007
National Science Foundation CAREER Award 2004 - 2009